Court today

Well here we are again, who knows what will happen today. I think it is going to be a Hello I’m the children attorney and I have now need more time.

Games are planned, egg toss, doughnut eat, spin the parent. Only thing that did not happen is that the lawn was not mowed again. Fizzy drink, and cups for kids.

Saturday is coming I’m ready for a great costume. I hoping that a good group of friends show up for the house party the kids are looking forward to it. They have their costumes and they will have a good time.

Something I just understood……

Ok lets be honest, Men have no clue when something drops and falls between your boobs. ICE sucks and sometimes there is npot a good place to dig it out. LOL

Work today was a bit of a downer as I was already to go to the gym and have a workout with a client. Was dressed and ready mentally to do what I hate. Get ready to head in to the gym and was told my client was out sick today and I needed to go to an event that was taking place, So under dressed, it felt so strange seeing alot of my co-workers who might have heard that I was transitioning but have not seen me in some time, what added to the fun of that was i was in Gym clothes.
Oh well life is life filled with ups and downs. Got asked the “are you going to get the snip” then she said “having is not all that fun”. I do love working with this person she is so much fun and young at heart as well. But at least I was asked if I wanted to be called by female pronouns as well as other questions.

A few of the “older” workers and “male” workers were a bit shy and did not know what to think. I think it will take time and people will notice that I am the same person. some of the clients are adjusting a bit as well. Some just don’t care. One who I loved to work with in the past is having a bit of a struggle in his mind knows its me still likes me but is not 100% if it is really me. Once I starting talking to him the laughter starts and I know everything is going just right. BTW that is how he communicates is by laughing.

It is so nice to be back working in a job I love so much. I have missed so many of these wonderful souls. I thank god I am alive and was able to find out about a plot that would have taken away my right to earn a living. That would have crushed me if I could not have worked in this job. Tonight I saw the ripple effect of someone and how it comes back when you are not ready for it.

Well changes are taking place….

Well despite someone thinking that I was going to be a wreck on hormones…. Your dead set wrong! I have passed my first month with no issues but a wonderful sense of Calmness. Granted there could be many reasons for that much like the big  drop in blood pressure since 10/7/2015, such a large drop my doctor was amazed (go figure). Chest hair has dropped and looking good, facial hair has also slowed down no more 5pm shadow at noon, thank you dear lord, leg hair is thinning down, arm hair has changed color and thinned, chest is feeling a bit heavy now days as well and can be a bit sore at times. You see so much is changing. Going to have to talk to my good friend with the camera for a few photos to update, even I want to see the update. Damn the weight thing is driving me crazy as well. Up and down, up and down…

Kids are doing very well at school, learning and making new friends. All I hear is good news every day. I am waiting for Gabriel to come home in a negative mood. I hope he does not as I love these new moods that he is in. This is the way a child is supposed to be loving life and happy.

soon they will all have new bikes and itching to ride baby ride. I have this place that is safe and ready for them to have a good time.


Well one week away we are getting the house all cleaned and on Tuesday I am getting all the decorations for the party on Sat. the 31 HALLOWEEN. We are having a party Halloween/house warming/thank you to all the friends that I can get a hold of that helped out so much. Talk about blessings and the good Karma that keeps coming back to our family. I am so very thankful for all those who took the time and helped us in our darkest days. I can’t wait to get this party going. I am so excited!

The kids are so looking forward to it.

Ok on the Transition front, I have noticed the reduction of chest hair. A slow down on the arm hair as well. Chest is a bit sore but nothing that I could not handle. I was so sad today when I went looking through all of my postings as I had to remove a few I thought I had placed them in a draft folder but they have been removed by me at some point which is so very sad I have lost so much great information that i posted. But that is the past lets move forward.

Have a great day my friends! I do answer all emails and comments please feel free anytime to drop me a line.


Well, I once found this quote that said “the more someone is screaming another person is a liar the more we should review the person speaking”. For a long time I supported this quote. But i think as time has shown that there is a better quote that but be included with the above quote “Evidence is King”.

I have been working so very hard over the last four years trying to do what was right not only for one person but for an entire family. Since we moved out (the children and I) stress has reduced and happiness has increased to a point where it is a joy to be alive.
I have been going through my transition scared of so many things that I never though would be a part of my life. I let someone try to tell me that I would be an emotional wreck with the hormones. Well I am sorry to say, the hormones have been a pleasure in fact I have not noticed any issues. I have not once fallen into a pile in the bedroom crying over nothing. I have used the line “this is my journey and no one else’s” wow I was so wrong so many people are on it with me. Some have been 100% blessings some have been terrors. I heard a wonderful line from a moving “feed the good wolf”. I have lost track of the amount of good wolves I have met and enjoy being around. I can only count a handful of those who are the bad wolves. Lucky for me I don’t have to deal with the bad ones all that much.

I have taken the time to listen to so many people who I can say are an inspiration to me in my life. Laura Jane Grace I have learned a lot from and can say what a positive role this person plays in the Tans community. Plus what can I say I like punk music, it sparks my rebel side. I spent a long time today cleaning the house with help from my little man. I am so proud of him.

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Back to the grind

Well today was my first day back to work while a few things did not go as planned, it was a good day.

Have a watch

opps, I forgot something……

I don’t know who you were or even if your pointing was directed at me or the fact that my client was challenged. I found that it was really uncool. Both were not appropriate  and at your age you should have known better. Please think before pointing if you have questions both my Client and I could have answered anything you wanted to ask. Though I will never promise that you will like my answer.