Ooops… I thought I went to far, nope

Oh Sandra (Beep) yes I know it only takes one time to ruin a child’s life. My little angel was sexualy assaulted two years ago by a neighbor guess what HE pulled her little wings off. This little girl was completely different than she is today cause of this fucking person. BTW until you as a parent walk this fucking hell of a road don’t you fucking dare to place me as a fucking perp! I would do anything to cut his balls off and gut him like a stuck pig, if I was given the chance. But I obey the law, even when they did not charge him. Btw he was not trans he was strait! There is the fucking stupidity……. Walk one mile in my shoes before you think you can judge me on any level. If you think I made the above up, read my blog.

I replied to a post that she choose to put on the net to which a friend shared.


I posted my reply to it as can be seen on this post

Then a reply top my post to which I was not able to copy was something along the lines of it only takes one to ruin the life of a little girl. I really got upset cause of what happened to my child, my little angel. I replied to her post a bit heavy but at the time seemed what was the right thing to do so I posted the following back at her post with….

“Oh Sandra (Beep) yes I know it only takes one time to ruin a child’s life. My little angel was sexually assaulted two years ago by a neighbor guess what HE pulled her little wings off. This little girl was completely different than she is today cause of this fucking person. BTW until you as a parent walk this fucking hell of a road don’t you fucking dare to place me as a fucking perp! I would do anything to cut his balls off and gut him like a stuck pig, if I was given the chance. But I obey the law, even when they did not charge him. Btw he was not trans he was strait! There is the fucking stupidity……. Walk one mile in my shoes before you think you can judge me on any level. If you think I made the above up, read my blog.”

I remembered the post all day in fact I felt a bit guilty so I went back to say sorry. But the post was deleted and I  was blocked. I wanted to know who she was I had this feeling that I should dig a bit deeper, half the reason was she had a very unique name. I will call her who she is cause she is a public figure in Washington State. My thoughts are if you are a public figure and you post filth. Sandra Belzer Brendale is Washington State RLC Chair and national RLC board member and a Constitutionalist and a Certified Instructor for the Center for Self-Govenance. Funny thing is as a Constittutionlist she was unwilling to agree that “all men are created equal and enjoy the same freedoms that she enjoys everyday.

But the funny thing is that like all good cockroaches once the light is turned on they run and hide. So now as was thinking that I needed to say sorry I was blocked and the post was deleted. SO I am sharing this with you cause I feel like the light should never be put out. If you are going to be a political leader and you put junk out others should know about what you have done. It now in your hands readers of America don’t accept your wannabe leaders. If you are in Washington State make some noise. Leaders who are bigots have no place in the modern world. We left the the deep south for a reason. There was no place forwhites only black segregation in the world and good people did what was right. There is no need for it to begin once more.

What has happened to what is not the Republican party. It is so very shameful that when the lights are turned on they run and hide.

There are times I really am glad I left the US. Even more that I left a place that panders to the old days Bastardswhen the KKK had power. Yeah the KKK is small to what it once was but it is now replaced with people like Sandra and that tool Cruz who is running for President of the US. These people used to hide and say it was for God and Country. Now they change a few things and Say you want you wives and Daughters to be safe. WAIT one little Minute They used to say that about the Blacks as well. Remember on that post I said have many of the leaders in the Senate in the US were charged with sex or bathroom crimes, they were all Republicans as well.  How should it go…


Just’a good ol’ boys
Always hiding their crimes
Beats all you never saw
Once they removed their little cowls
They used day since they was born

Swearing their Straight, their bathroom ain’t safe
Makin the laws
Someday someone should rise to get ’em
But the law never will

Makin’ their way
Telling their lies
That’s just a little bit more
Than any real person buys

Makin’ their way
The only way they know how
That’s just a little bit
That the law will allow.

I’m ain’t a good ol’ boy
My momma raised me right
They keep a showin the bathroom on TV

Cause the truth ain’t in sight


Well that is the end of my rant, but I am still pissed about the Cockroach, the one got away…..


Why would you share this with me?

Why would you share this with me? Why would you as a friend who I have known since I was 16 feel this way. Do you really think that low of me? Do you really think I am not trust worthy to be using a toilet next to your child or grandchild. Do you not remember the past when you had my back and I had yours. When my mum passed away and I called you as soon as I knew. Before she passed I gave you heads up so you could go say goodbye as well. Please think of my feelings before posting such hate, thanks ahead of time.

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Enough said.

Carl North
Carl (Beep) Latrines in combat zones were gender neutral.

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Robyn Johnson
Robyn (Beep) Best one so far.

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Aleana Robins
Aleana RobinsI am going to throw out some shocking numbers for you to think on as this stupid bathroom issue takes over the United States. The chance of being born as a Transgender is 0.03% the chance of meeting one is 0.00003% (meeting does not mean seeing them on tv). Out of 318.9 million people there are only about 96,000 trans persons living in the US ranging in age from 0-??. That also does not mean that they are out of the closet so to speak. There has never been a Transgender sex crime in a restroom though from 1998 to current there have been 3 federal Republican legislators convicted of Sex crimes in the bathrooms, in 2009 Dennis Hastert (R-IL) was charged with trying to coverup a sex crime with a student (age and Name not released due to being a MINOR). Really think about the last time someone took a look at you in the bathroom and thought….. Or when was the last time you were in a bathroom and thought……… If I am in a stall the last thing I am thinking of is sex. I am more concerned about it being clean, eww. But hey when was the last time I committed a crime? When was the last time you saw someone being treated as a Black person in the south in the early 1900’s? So with those said who is safer, a Law maker or a Transperson odds are in favor of the Trans community hell at 0.00003% you might never know…..Whoops to late surprise i’m a 0.03% person and my police record is 100% clean. Did you know in the year 2014 shemale porn was one of the highest searches done on the internet in fact pornhub had a 191% increase form 2013. The best thing you could hope for from a Transwoman in the bathroom is a bit of fashion advice. Cause no one wants to see the Muffin top or the crack of your ass cause you have eat one to many times at Macca’s (MacDonalds)
Now mate I know we have been friends for years one could even call it a life time. But as a friend none of my other friends have ever shared this kind of junk. Please think twice before sharing it again and if you noticed I (Beeped) out all the last names and links to their Facebook, cause I am your mate.

Words that broke a heart

In a conversation  last night ex-to-be to our oldest son “I stopped loving your dad” while honest it should have been tempered with mercy. Sometimes we as parents go the one step to far, we never take the time and think about the impact of what we say to a child. I watched our son lose hope and fade into a dark place where he was not sure how to get out. I called out to him once he was done listening to what she had to say. He came over softly walking he stopped just in front of me and the heavens opened up and the tears began to fall. I grabbed him brought him close to my heart and he rested his head upon my shoulder and cried for what seemed a life time. It was all he could do, about 20 minutes later tears all dry I saw my son in a different light. Just a simple little boy who wanted an answer to a question which in his mind was simple and honest after his mother asked him what was wrong he said “can’t you and dad get back together?”.

To be honest I have fronted that very same question from him as well. To some point he is still wanting us to be a complete family again. I am not shocked that from my answers to him on this very same question he still misses the family as a whole. While I understand that to a child this is very simple, say your sorry hug and forgive. We tell our children that all the time. We are as parents far from willing or able to do it. I think where the break was when she said “Your dad never loved me”

A tear soaked shirt, a child says”Dad I know you loved mum, why would she say that”. Sometimes it is so hard to find answers to questions that you yourself don’t have. All I could do was to be honest and say “I don’t know”. The tears began once more. This time I cried with my heart broken child.

Tears are a wonderful way to clean the body of the pain felt by the soul. For the rest of the night he sat next to me just wanting to be loved and cared for. Bed time came and soon he was in dream land.

I love St Finn Barrs!

What….did you just read that? Yup you did it is such a great community. So many nice and wonderful people. I am shocking with names I always have been. I count my lucky stars that I have. Not once has my children been faced with even the slightest bit of bigotry. I have been met with respect at every turn by parents left right and center. Even if they did not like me I have not seen it from anyone. Yes, I know I break the norms but each and every parent there is breaking the norms by just being good people.

To be honest I was not sure if St. Finn Barr was the right place for the children and had I known that the staff at this school were so clued in my kids would have been here from the start.

Today, I was approached by a mum and we had this wonderful chat. I think I shocked her a bit I can be a bit of a chatterbox these days. But it was so wonderful to have a chat with another parent that is there. I am really amazed my these wonderful people. One mum tells me how to find a good way to keep the shine on my car, Another knows we do a bread run and lets me know where I can get more bread, another mum tells me how to help me cut out sugar from my diet (still a struggle) then I talked to her about cutting out caffeine, she took my advice and is giving it a go, and this list just keeps going. I look and think to myself how lucky and blessed I am. These people really are wonderful.

I look at bathroom laws, then look at others who are closed minded and then I come back to this……I feel so deeply sorry for those like me who do not have this blessing in their lives. Cause this acceptance is wonderful and shows to me Launceston is an wonderful place.

So if anyone who knows me and reads this, Thank each and every one of you. I mean that my life was not this great a year ago. I have such blessings and I hope others can be this blessed. Thank you Lucy (I remembered) you made this day!

I stand once more

Opps I meant this to be a post not a page……..

I did say last night I had a feeling this would go on…..Please I know I am possibly talking to a wall. Though there might be other readers who might learn something or understand more from what I have written. The reason I stand is simple “We all Matter”.
Dianne L(beep) Aleana Robins your sickness makes you think your circumstances compare to women’s suffrage or civil rights. This is the victim game you love to play. You have never been suppressed, you have a right to own property, you have the right to vote, you have every single right any other man in the US has, so you cannot even pretend to know what women went thru to fight for their rights, nor can you understand what black people went thru breaking the chains of slavery. Your chains are self imposed. And yes, you cannot pick the Bible apart, therfore you know your choice is a sin, if you truly had the Holy Spirit indwelled in you, He would be directing you away from your worldly sinful choice.

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Aleana Robins
Aleana RobinsDianne L(beep) oh I am sorry you misunderstood my replies. At no time have I ever said I am a victim or Ill. In fact what you see as an illness I see as a blessing. Everyday I thank God for who I am. I Find peace where many find conflict. I am concerned that you feel it was a battle for woman suffrage and not for the rights of others. Is it not the right of every person not only to vote but to live without being marginalized, this is not a victim stand it is simply a fact. Every person no matter who they are, no matter how they identify as have the right live life to its fullest. I have studied the Bible Old and New Testament, the Book of Mormon, Koran (small parts) and a few other religious texts, one cannot truly understand God in any form without knowing that he above all told us that we must love, he also showed that by the many examples of his prophets from Moses to Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha to those who profess love for all. If you have missed that point in the bible’s and other texts then you have missed the core Value. Yes I even know that he is also a Jealous God as well. I know more than most Blacks who have rights above what my Ancestors did for your information while I live in Australia I am part of the Native American Tribe called the Cherokee. So I do know what it is like to fight for my rights. I am also a survivor of Domestic Abuse so I know what it is like to be a victim. But I am not a Victim make no assumptions on that. I am a SURVIVOR. I do know what it is like to be the major support for my children they too are Survivors. My replies to you have been in love nothing more, yet you have stood at every turn calling out names and accusations without evidence without understanding. There are very few people in the Trans community who wish to thrust down your throat anything. There are many in the Trans Community and supporters (including some churches, Presidents, Popes) who demand the rights that you have to live without being harassed for us. Now I say this out of love for you, no anger, no hate just simple love. If you would take the time and read my blog you might understand more than you currently do. The Arguments of Science are being proven that there is a lot we don’t understand about Gender and Sexuality. If you “believe” in God and go to church you might want to review how you leaders feel about Trans persons. (unless your part of the Westro’s Baptist Church) you might be shocked at what they feel God says about Trans persons. It should also be said without Truly know your God you should be careful to speak on his behalf. Even I with my vast understanding of the texts am not willing to do. I wish you well and I hope you have a wonderful day.
Dianne, this part is here only in my blog if you take the time and read. I have learned of many many years of studying that I see no color of skin that matters less, I see no gender that matters less than another as well. I stood by my best friend (ex-to-be) as we lost who she was to a horrific illness. I stood by as we were abused, I forgave and still forgive what we went through. I stood by my youngest daughter when she was sexually assaulted I gave my chest for her to cry upon as well as her mother tried. I continued championed my children when their mother stopped. I fight every day the courts to protect them, cause in many ways the court still have a hard time seeing that men can be abused as well as women. So to do Trans people, abuse is horrific no matter what form it takes. If you have ever walked a mile in my shoes then you might not be sitting where you are thinking like you do.
I read a quote a long time ago that challenged my shelf of beliefs. I would like to share it with you and then add a small twist to it at the end “God is as God does, man aspires to be God” (what God you might make Good or Evil depends upon your actions). Think about the quote cause I am not saying we are going to be a God I am saying by trying to live like him we aspire to be like him. My add-on is that they way we live when we look at God will decide Good or Evil.
I don’t wish to be god nor do I speak for him I think he has many that have tried to in the past. Dianne I really do wish you well. I hope that you enjoy the rights that you so commonly take for granted. Some day you might have to fight for them as well. As it was once said BE kind on the way up the ladder, cause you might meet the others you have passed on the way down.
Find peace and have a great day……Ally

I said he was my Hero

In a blog a few weeks ago I talked about Gabriel being one of my heroes in my life. He saved his sister two years ago from being raped. Today he proved he is her hero once more. At school today three girls were giving Niamh a hard time and I do mean a hard time. Gabriel stepped in and put these mean girls in there place. I was glad to hear from his teacher that he did not get mad and that her did not lose his temper. Gabriel and I had a talk about how she thinks of him even when she is mad at him Niamh loves him without end. Tonight Gabriel sitting on the couch Niamh leans over it Grabs Gabriel by the neck and says “I love you, Gabriel” my heart melted. Gabriel looked at me just smiled and said “I love her you know”. My kids ROCK!

A friend shared this video today it sure does fit Gabriel. Good Job son.

Odds are

Odds are, So today I was thinking over what I said in the last two posts. Something hit me as I was waiting for the children to get out of their classes at school. I was watching Mum’s and Dad’s picking their children up. This cute little girl was running around happy to be alive. Then it hit me look at these wonderful families and there children. The odds are in their favor that non of them will have a child just like me. Considering that the odds are at extremely rare at a HUGE 0.03% holy shit we can’t even get a 1% and states are making laws about us HA ha ha. Why is that funny look at climate change proof is higher than that and we can’t get these morons to make laws about that.

I watched and thought wow how lucky I am to be me. I know in the past I have cursed this body that I was born with due to all the struggles. Maybe I need to change the way I look at my body and soul in a different light. I am an amazing 0.03% of the people born. I had a 91% change of being Right handed. I was born in the US odds for that are 4.5%.

Lets have some fun


And I am 99.97% less than that. Wow it was crazy think this stuff. I was really blown away when I found the number of people born just like me, mind you I have read the highest odds are at 5%. But still lets look at this whole odds thing in a bit more of a different light. in our life time it is safe to say we will meet apx. 80,000 people over our 80 Years.

Are you ready to be blown away…….This if my math is right you have reached an amazing set of odds. Cause the chance of meeting me are 0.00003% now I am not going to do the math for you it hurt my head as well and I am thinking I could be wrong, lol. That is an amazing number.


Even More AMAZING,


Welcome to my friendship circle. I hope you have had a wonderful day. I know I have!