The weekend update

Well hello Campers,

So here it has been one busy and fun weekend. Minor issues with ex-to-be but this time I did not get upset I just gave it over to the Attorney and said enough is enough. I don’t foresee the future being easy or “Normal” so I am going to have just say “Fuck it” when it comes to that persons actions.

So Saturday rolled around met up with a few friends at the Board Mills Market. Then came home to have the Monthly D&D session with my Tried, True and Tested friends. We had an absolute blast acting like kids again. Yes I am a nerd at heart and even more so I am the DM lol. Well in talking with a few friends over a few hours of having fun who can beat that?

Sunday rolls around and Clean house, do a bit of paperwork, spend some time talking with friends, and went and picked up the kids. Home have dinner and relax watching a movie with them. What could be better.

Well I am going to keep it short I have a little boy who is not feeling well. I need to keep an eye on him.

Be kind to one another.

Well I admit it I like to put myself out there

I love to watch YouTube a bit guilty pleasure I guess. I like to watch The Young Turks news. Yes I know it is US based but it is a link to my past that I am not ready to give up. So there I was on YouTube and I saw a link to another video about Trans-bathroom issues in the US so I clicked on it and much to my surprise it was a YouTube pastor. SO I listened as I am not one to make rash judgement and I don’t mind listening at times. So she went on and on about the evils of what is going on and about the evil Transpeople going to the bathroom in public so I went and replied, I know what you are thinking. Why did you waste your time. I don’t think i did waste my time nor do I feel like a crusader for Trans issues but some of the things she was spreading were uneducated. So I gave it a chance to see if I could enlighten a bit. Who knows…. So this is what I wrote….

“Wow, well first I would like to say I respect your opinion on the matters of Transgender issues. Saying that, I feel the way you are demonizing all Transgender persons is factually inept. In all all 50 states & in every countries of the UK there has never been one single reported attack by a transgender person. This fact is widely supported by evidence through all law enforcement agencies. Now lets turn the table a bit since 1998 to current there have been 5 US Republican Senators who have been charged with Bathroom misconduct. Even one of them was Charged with interfering with the instigation (the name of the minor girl was withheld to protect the child). Now knowing that the Average of Transperson’s in the US is 0.03% thus making the odds of ever meeting one in personal contact at 0.00003% chance. Who is safer to be in the bathroom with? In your Video you made a point of talking about Babies being changed. The chance at some time a person has ever changed a child diaper or nappy very high. So out of the 0.03% it is safe to assume that Transpeople have changed babies before. What have been the numbers of Transperson’s who have been sexual predators 0% reported. Most sexual predators are heterosexual males meaning that even your husband could be one and you might never even know until it is to late. I also find your issue with Transmen to be extremely incorrect. Most Transmen do not stand to use the urinal and if they did your sons would never know as the device that can be used by any woman is not very comfortable. Now we have not even touched on the issues of the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT for future). So let talk about that really quick The HRT program has been around for many and I do mean many years. There are two core elements to the HRT program for Transwomen. One is called a Testosterone Blocker, this comes in a few different strengths but most act like a Chemical Castration resulting in most Transwomen becoming Asexual or in layman’s terms not sexually aroused. This is also part of the Prostate Cancer tools that are used and most men while under this program to fight their cancel. This is also why most men on this treatment program for this type of cancer have performance issues. The second part of the HRT for Transwomen is the Estrogen that is now added into the body that no longer has Testosterone. Thus as a woman you would know this would have an effect of a person becoming more of an emotionally connected person. Now lets make this personal knowing that the odds are not in your favor of ever meeting a Transperson in real life. Let me properly introduce myself. I am a parent of 6 children 3 grown and 3 still very young at home. One of my children was sexually assaulted when she was less than one month into her 6th year. This assault took place by a Heterosexual male while my children were on a play date with the other children at their home. The Family was well known to our family, we never knew what hit us. Now two years latter my partner (married to me) became violent and we the 3 children and I fled our home. For over a year now we have been going through hell. My partner is a Genetic Female (cisgendered), I am a transwoman. I have been raising my children in full view of everyone for years. I am an upstanding member of my community. My children attend a Catholic school and we are fully supported. I am also a carer for people with disabilities. I became trained in this role as to support my partner who had an Acquired Brain Injury. My children and I do a weekly bread run to help those who are not as lucky as we are. I would like to welcome you to get to know me before you Judge me to which even God has said you should not do. Have a look at my blog give it a read learn about me before you judge me. If you have questions please ask me, I answer all of my readers no matter who they are and I judge not. But I do not suffer fools or people who are filled with hate and are not willing to learn to understand. I look forward to meeting you. God makes no mistakes and I am not a mistake. Who am I to question what I know in my heart and through prayer is me…..”

Now I know it was a bit of a read and my numbers on the Senators is low but even at 5 it is shocking.

If you stand for nothing you will fall for everything.


a lesson learned

Time is fleeting, Hearts get broken and we all make mistakes. Some we can never hope to see fixed but we try and try to do so. Someday when I leave this life and follow many others, I hope and pray that my days here have been more good then bad. I hope that I have lifted where I stood. I hope that I have given of myself more than I have needed others. I hope that as time will forget me that what I have written and will be writing will endure and that time will find a bit of kindness to let the dusts of time forgive my mistakes.
I hope that my children, even the ones who do not wish to talk to me will learn from what I am writing that I am just human that I too am like them, with all my hopes, dreams and flaws. I know the three little ones only see what they want to see, I am blessed to have them in my life. There is still a part of me that longs to hold all my children at the same time.

Someday…… until then I will keep being true to myself and raising the three little ones the best I can. I am so very blessed, many people never see this point in their life until it is to late……..

Tonight I am missing my mom even though we were not as close as I wanted…..

Something old is new

Well a little bird told me that they would like to see more on Twitter. So if you would like to add me you are more than welcome. I will figure it out as I go just something more that I am going to have to post on. 

Ok also giving a heads up I am going to give a body wrap a try. I will let you know the information when I have given it a go. I have heard and seen some amazing information on this product.

Just a quick one tonight need to do some reading on a few stories I have had my eye on.

Sad news

Flowers funeral

It might be for others but for me I would like to say with a sad heart one of my first readers has passed away. Let me tell you a bit about her as she was a friend of my Mother. First I found this information of her her death from another friend of my mothers. It is sad the way it was found out My mothers friend who told me found out via social media, there was not Obituary or Service. I did not want this person passing away without people knowing cause every life has value and she found me after I thought I hid so well. SO please bare with my simple Obituary for this person.

Anita Dudley who my children at one time or another called her Grannie D. My mom met Anita when I was about 16 years old and this wonderful woman cut my hair on a regular basis for a number of years that I was around her for only $5 a shot. Anita was the first Gender Nonconforming person I have ever met. We never talked about it but it was easy to see. My son in the States even at one time had his hair cut by her.  Anita had a son who she loved to complain about but loved him as in her eyes the sun rose and set on him. He had a couple of children that were the Apple of Anita’s eye as well. Every time getting my haircut I would be treated by a story of what was going on and all the new achievements of the grandchildren. I never really understood until I had children myself the pride of all your children’s achievements and pitfalls. Anita when she got into computer used to have me come over and work on them for her.I used to swap a meal for working on her computer but then found out her haircuts were safer, that is said with a loving heart. When I was leaving for Australia, she simply said it is time for you to live your life. When she found my blog I was met once again with love and kind words. She will be missed and I wish her family and friends all the best.


Hate Bill 2…..(Fallout)

While I don’t think I need to go into this to deep I am placing a few videos on what is going on.

The reply to North Carolina from the US department of just is huge. I am saying watch this space we might be in for a shock. Cause what it is going to do is in one way or another create a standard that all other issues will be judged off of. In the end you will see something like Rowe vs wade ruling but in the realm of Gender Identity. Just as with abortion there will be those that oppose it on every level. Take the time and watch both. But I advise not to get your hopes up to high and don’t think this is going to be a win win for the Trans community. Far from it I think we are going to see a very slow crawl. Something will be done but we as a community might not like it. Also it might be the rock in the pond of the world. What happens when the US sneezes the world catches a cold.

As you took the time I hoped and started to understand. Please don’t get to disheartened. keep the faith so to speak.

Wow 6098

I am still writing my about me. I did not think it would get this big. I still have not finished. I think in a way it is my story. I am not sure if anyone will find something in it or just say “wow your still alive?” I wonder what it will look like when it is all done. At 6098 words you look and go crap that story is depressing. Though here I am strong and proud, alive and kicking. I know that as the story goes on it will double in size cause I am still nutting out the outline of it all. I want to tell it all but I am not to sure if it is wise to do so as others might be completely shocked (not that most are not shocked already).
With my mum who is passed away I feel a bit of freedom in the fact that I can write stuff down without the worry that she might read it or other judging her to her face. It is strange when you have the freedom.

Yup I opened my mouth once more, lol

On the radio today I gave my opinion after the Martine Delaney conversation on the radiomouth this morning. If you don’t know what has been going on I will give you this link to help you out.

Now I have always disagreed with what she was trying to do. I felt that the Catholic Church had a right to create that book cause it was their opinion. We are free to give that here in Australia.

In the past I have talked with Tasmania Talks on the issue say that I disagree with Martine as I did not find it offensive at all. As you read the above story from the link you can see that she has dropped her case. Though I don’t think she has really took a look at what steps the Catholic Church has done in the last year with Trans issues. I have children in the CES (Catholic Educational System) and they had done some amazing growth in regards to Trans issues.

We had a problem with the word that was being used by another child “Shemale” I raised a big flag on it cause this is not a word that is used in general conversations about or with Trans community. It raised flags that this child might have seen some Porn as that is where this words is mainly used. It was brought up to help educate and to allow the school to talk to the parents and alert them of the possible issues that might be happening (Internet Porn). The  School went above what I though they would do and had a talk with the class about proper etiquette and some words are not advised. WE  had a minor issue on mothers day and how to address that issue.

So I called and voiced my Praise of the CES, they are one of the biggest public faces of the Catholic Church and being the the book was sent out to parents of the CES. While you might say these steps are to small I would once again say you are more than wrong as even little children learn to walk with small steps. So to the CES Great Job. To Martine I am sorry but I firmly disagree with what you said. You don’t have any horses in this race and you can only see from the sidelines. My children and I are being treated with the amazing amount of support.