The DNC & RNC mistake

Okay for those who don’t really know me well I do take an interest in my former countries politics. This year so far have been one of the most insane I have ever seen I thought it was bad the G. Bush jr. won it cause the supreme court did a no no. Well this year we have seen something I though I would never seen in the US (left out the A for a reason). This year we saw a few great assholes stand up and beat out other assholes. The one great man who stood up sadly did not have the strength to carry on after he was cheated out of his election by people using known voting machines that can be messed with (and they were). There were tons of shady things that were done to make sure he could not win. It really was a sad day when he gave up. Over half of the Democratic Delegates walked out of the DNC in anger. Even Wikileaks showed evidence of the wrong doing but no one cared.

We saw this year Hillary dodge a big bullet and not getting indited cause her Husband met with the Attorney General a couple of days before it came out.

So now when you want something to be honest it will not be. Can you say that it was trustworthy?

Now I have seen news media saying well we better go with Hillary instead cause you might get Trump. The news used to be the news, report nothing more. Now it has weight and it knows it can swing votes. Which makes them money….
I have watched over the years several times the US losing more and more of what made it a good place (NOTE I am not saying Great). How many children have died at the hands of War mongers since WW2 (World War 2)? How many of our Sons, Fathers and Friends came home a shadow of what they used to be to fight those wars? But you voted them in. Then you wanted to know why cars cost so much? Then you wanted to know why there are less and less of meaningful jobs? Then you complain about why there is no health care for everyone while other countries are doing it?  Then you see the sad state of Veterans in the US and ask why? You homeless spiral out of control, then you ask why? Hatred runs crazy and you think that going to the toilet has to be based on what is between your legs when you were born? Do any of those statements make you look at yourself and go opps. Crap I know I did but mine was much more simple there was a time when I said “Two people of the same gender should not marry”. I was in the wrong, I made that choice without thinking my own hatred through. I needed to remove those who were haters to see in my own heart why I felt that way.

I have seen states in the US turn on its citizens due to bathrooms (North Carolina and a few more). All because a few fat cats have stirred the pot of civility into a pot of steamy….. I have seen some businesses take a stand like Target, then the crazies appear with there bibles in there hand trying to quote shit they don’t even really know themselves

I mean look at the video and think about the whole bible crap she is spouting cause really she does not get it at all. What about those 7 deadly sins?

Then we saw a news story about a Transwoman being refused a toilet. The owners told her she had to use the mens room. I know it is in Canada but it has filtered from the US.

Now the business is not liking the backlash. I am not sorry that they may loose their business when the world is becoming sick of their hatred. People have claimed it was a mistake after the fall out has begun. We teach our children that a mistake is a mistake but when you keep doing it, it no longer is a mistake.

I have said it before and I will say it again. If you choose between the lesser of two evils all you are left with is EVIL. Voting out of fear is worth nothing at all. When you sacrifice real democracy for fear, you deserve the fear that you are left and the reality that nothing will get better. There are other candidates vote for who does not cause you fear, worry, concern, or hatred. Let your vote count based upon the future of more that yourself and your fears, let it count for what is right. If your candidate should loose at least you did not waste a vote that differs from your morals. I will always respect a person who has stood by their morals. I might not agree with them but if they can show why they have those morals with sound reason I will respect them.

Bread beautiful Bread

Hello everyone, I am sure you know by now the children and I do a bread run. I think I need to make a bit of the reason for this clear. We started very small doing this and found that we love it. Now for the reason I have been trying to teach my children the doing something for the right reasons is the best thing to do. To never expect anything in return and never ask for anything in return. Sometimes a non-verbal “mean what you say, say what you mean” is louder than words can ever be. Never give your personal morals away for any reason “Stand, be heard and stand fast”. People will know you by name and by deed.
I learned this lesson from my Grandfather (cookiedad) a long time ago.

Great news for Trans community

Image: iStock

The first field trial to evaluate a proposed change to remove the diagnosis of transgender from its current classification as a mental disorder within the WHO International Classification of Diseases has been conducted.

The research involved interviewing 250 transgender people, and found that distress and dysfunction were more strongly predicted by experiences of social rejection and violence than by gender incongruence itself.

The study is the first of several field trials and is currently being replicated in Brazil, France, India, Lebanon and South Africa.

“Stigma associated with both mental disorder and transgender identity has contributed to the precarious legal status, human rights violations and barriers to appropriate care among transgender people,” says senior researcher Professor Geoffrey Reed, National Autonomous University of Mexico.

“The definition of transgender identity as a mental disorder has been misused to justify denial of health care and contributed to the perception that transgender people must be treated by psychiatric specialists, creating barriers to health care services.” Reed said.

Reed says the definition has been misused by some governments to deny self-determination and decision-making authority to transgender people in matters ranging from changing legal documents to child custody and reproduction.

“Our findings support the idea that distress and dysfunction may be the result of stigmatisation and maltreatment, rather than integral aspects of transgender identity,” says lead investigator Dr Rebeca Robles, Mexican National Institute of Psychiatry.

“The next step is to confirm this in further studies in different countries, ahead of the approval of the WHO revision to International Classification of Diseases in 2018.”

Transgender identity is currently classified as a mental disorder in both of the world’s main diagnostic manuals, the WHO’s ICD-10 and the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5. A major component of the definition of mental disorders is that they are associated with distress and impairment in functioning.

The classification of transgender identity as a mental disorder is increasingly controversial and a WHO Working Group has recommended that transgender identity should no longer be classified as a mental disorder in ICD-11, but should instead come under a new chapter on conditions related to sexual health.

Of those who took part in the study, aged between 18 and 65, 80 per cent were transgender women, assigned male sex at birth.

Participants reported first becoming aware of their transgender identity during childhood or adolescence (ages 2-17). During the study, they completed a detailed interview about their experience of gender incongruence in adolescence (e.g, discomfort with secondary sex characteristics, changes performed to be more similar to the desired gender, and asking to be referred to as the desired gender), and recalled related experiences of psychological distress, functional impairment, social rejection and violence.

83 per cent experienced psychological distress related to gender incongruence during their adolescence, with depressive symptoms being the most common. Family, social, or work or academic dysfunction during adolescence related to their gender identity was reported by 90 per cent.

More than three-quarters of participants (76 per cent) reported experiencing social rejection related to gender incongruence, most commonly by family members, followed by schoolmates/co-workers and friends. A majority of participants (63 per cent) had been a victim of violence related to their gender identity — in nearly half of these cases, violence was perpetrated by a family member. Psychological and physical violence were the most commonly reported, and some experienced sexual violence.

The researchers then used statistical models to examine whether distress was related to gender incongruence per se or if it was related to experiences of social rejection and violence. They found that none of the gender incongruence variables predicted psychological distress or dysfunction, except in one case where asking to be referred to as the desired gender predicted school/work dysfunction. On the other hand, social rejection and violence were strong predictors of distress and all types of dysfunction.

“Rates of experiences related to social rejection and violence were extremely high in this study, and the frequency with which this occurred within participants own families is particularly disturbing,” Dr Robles says.

“Unfortunately, the level of maltreatment experienced in this sample is consistent with other studies from around the world. This study highlights the need for policies and programs to reduce stigmatisation and victimisation of this population. The removal of transgender diagnoses from the classification of mental disorders can be a useful part of those efforts.”

“A prominent UN advocate has put it this way: ‘Transphobia is a health issue’,” says Dr Sam Winter from Curtin University in Western Australia “This study prompts primary caregivers and psychiatrists to be aware of a ‘slope leading from stigma to sickness’ for transgender individuals, and to contribute to their mental health by a gender-affirmative approach.”

Link to the real story

Great news has come

Hello you wonderful people! My box of Dermacolor has come! So now you going what is Dermacolor

Now I will admit this is not the only product doing this there is Dermablend. I went with Dermacolor cause I support local businesses. Had she gone to a different product I would have used that as she is a professional makeup artist.

If you are worried about the price tag look at it this way what would you do if you wanted to pass? For people out there who are not Trans passing is a words we use when people are not able to tell is we are Cis (genetic born) woman.

Today I got all decked out with my makeup. Now I am going through laser so this product is only short term but it is good to have it on hand. you can match you skin color or use the tattoo cover way to hide your facial shadow due to stubble below the skin. Though this is NOT a replacement for laser (ipl) hair removal. Women can tell cause your pours are just not right. Though it does help.

Using IPL and Demacolor or products like it will hide the shadow. Takes your time use a concealer brush and dab the product on the areas you need to hide (not your whole face). Mustache and chin lines are the one that need it. You will see it about ten minutes after shaving. Use your primer first, then dab the Dermacolor with strokes that hide the issues. Sometime change the direction of you brush and stroke towards the grain (i know this goes against what you have been told).

I am also trying the Blinc eyeliner. So far I am going to need to do it a few times. But having it on is not noticeable. It is very light and feels real nice. I am also using the Blinc mascara which I have fallen in love with. Now I am not going to lie these are not you $10 drug store products. They both run at a cost of $35 aud (Australian Dollar). But if you want cheap you get cheap. So far I have not had issues with stinging eyes like I have had with other products.

Something I was asked to do

A little bit ago great and wonderful friend asked me to read a new release from the LDS Church about the LGBT communities. She said there was a shift in it towards transgender people. I read it and read it again, in fact three times. I walked away came back later reread it again. I hoped for the truth in what I read. But sadly I walked away after the forth time reading it feeling nothing but the opposite. A lack hope, cause there was a lack of true direction to the membership and leaders. I don’t feel the need to post the link. My shelf is broken and a little bit of tape cannot fix that. It is time for a new shelf. I’ve been building that for about a year now. Good things take time.
I have come to the feeling that the LDS church is never going to address all the errors in its building structure. It was always told to us that without the Book of Mormon the church would fail. Sorry to say history is not very forgiving. Yes time does show the light of the truth. To this date there is no evidence in South and Central America. There is no evidence in North America. DNA testing has also failed to show proof. The countless changes in the story of how Joseph Smith saw the first vision. I can no longer over look.
Telling me that intellectualism is harmful does not stand against all the years of them telling me to learn cause knowledge is power. You can’t say one thing then smack us in the head with it later.
I am also sad to say but just like so many others that when confronted by my issues. Leaders fail to show evidence or arguments to support their beliefs. In fact the overall refusal to address the issues and the removal of those that ask is just not right. Such is the case with Jeremy Runnel of the . Abused and belittled to the point of calling a Kangaroo church court cause the newest state president did not like him. Points out the issues of the direction of all the leaders are based upon sand in the desert.
I am so angry with the Stone in the Hat story, don’t even get me going on that farce. I will not be coming back. Change what you may it is to late your corner stone has flaws that should not be over looked i’m sorry. Goodbye Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints (Mormons)

*I needed to finish this post as it has been in my drafts for a long time

FAQ update

LOL, I almost made an error on the title i’ll leave it up to you to figure that one out, lol. I have updated the FAQ page cause I have had a couple of new questions that have some in via email. Like I said, i am happy to answer most emails, the hate filled ones please don’t waste your time and mine. I will not give you even the time of a good read. Being Dyslexic you learn to scan read to make life easier. Hate mail i can pick out a mile away.