Darkness has lifted!

The Primary



The Shadow of Ally

has been completed

Next step will be going through it once more to mare sure I have the right amount of stories about my life.

Once that is completed…

Pictures will be added

Once that is completed…

Application will be sought for readers to give it a test……

Once that is completed……

Adjustments will be made

Once that is completed……

I will start looking for a publisher…….(crap i am scared of this part)

Thank you

Editing is harder

Well I am very sorry for not blogging to much but the book have been removed from the blog and replaced with an over view of my life. I am hoping to have the book done middle to late Oct. I will then have a few test readers and start looking for publishing side. The Transition Timeline has been updated to a point month 13 is being written I just need to tidy it up a bot more. So 13 months on HRT. I am still loving it every step of the way.


Okay I need to get back to the book as I am currently at 55k worth of words .

The healing words of the past

The book is still going strong even after taking a break from it for a day.  It was really hard to get things going today TWICE. I was going alright and we had a power outage and it did not auto save. SO do you think I can remember the 1k worth of words I wrote. Hell no even that got lost it is so hard to do it twice and both are different parts of the book I am hoping to have those words back soon…..Eek

I have one child home sick and I think I have it as well. Bloody head ache! ouch…


Though I am going back to the book work.

Gender Dysphoria Explained

**warning some scenes might not be for children**

This video describes what is so hard for many people to understand when it comes to being Transgender. Being Trans a lot of the time Gender Dysphoria is the secondary friend. Some times it can be so hard to get out of bed for some people. Lucky for me it was the mirror. the only way I solved the problem of  Gender Dysphoria. I shaved my hair off so I did not have to deal with that as it was also a part of my Dysphoria. I tried to avoid colors in my clothing Black was always my favorite color.

Please take time and watch this it might help you to understand what it is like to be Transgender. The solution for Gender Dysphoria is acceptance on your own body image and how you view yourself. This comes with time and a lot of changes. Each person finds that in their own way.

I love kids

Niamh is the most wonderful little girly girl right now. Ever since I can remember Niamh has had a love for anything pink it did not matter what it is. In fact if Niamh could she would be in pink from head to toe. I bet in the future she will have a pink car.

This week when Niamh and the boys finished Jujitsu it was bucketing rain that puddles were everywhere. We ran to the car to head home when we got home the rain was still coming down pretty hard. The boys jump out of the car and run to the front door of the house they make it with not a problem. Niamh on the other hand was not that lucky. The car door opens she steps out and slams the door and in that same action down goes Niamh. Okay no big deal a little mud, well more than a little but it can be washed. What came next was pure Niamh. “WHY ME, why is it always me? Why am I the one who has to fall over in the mud and get my outfit dirty? Did the boys fall over NO! Did they get muddy no!………” Like the rant from Chevy Chase in the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation it went on and on. It was all I could do not to laugh. Her she was mad as a wet hen ranting about being muddy. I tried a few times to calm her down and tell her it was okay it can be washed but nope she was not buying into that part of it. It was the rains fault for her slipping and she was angry.

Then the laughter started, I could not help it. She is so much like her sister sometimes. It just came out I was in tears the little red hair beauty with a red face from anger in a pink mud covered uniform so upset over nothing. After about an hour she calmed down and took a shower to warm up. The next day she walked into the laundry upset that I did not clean it last night.

I love her so much! She is one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Changes came a little bit sooner

Sorry people with the book coming together so fast right now I have taken down the book as to give me the best opportunity for the future of the book and right now I am about half way done.

I have replaced the about me page with the one that was done with the Humans of Launceston.

I am so sorry for doing it sooner than it was planned. I will keep you up to date on the book plans as to the progress. Right now I have about 35,000 words, I am hoping by the end of the weekend to have hit about 40,000 words. I really did not think writing this was going to be so healing. I look at all the blessings I have now. It has been so wonderful. Thank you everyone for your support during this project.


The Pleb(cough…..Cough……cough)ite

I have voiced my thoughts on the HUGE waste of tax payer money called a plebiscite. Here is what I am asking you to do. Get angry tell your representative that you are not happy about this over S160+ million dollar waste of you tax payer money.

We have already started seeing the hate filled adds that are going to hit out screens and might cause trigger events. I ask you when you see one send a copy to your representative Let then know this was not how you wanted you money spent. If you hear about a person being harmed by this event stand up, don’t let it continue or you are just as bad as Pauline Hanson.

On a personal note please do share the Facebook junk that will come with it. I don’t want to see anything that has even one drop of hate in it. It will be the fastest way to get removed form my Friends list.

Oh no…

Well I am going to be up front and honest with my readers. The About me page that was going to be the book about my life has changed and will be cut back in size soon to a point that it might be more inline with the story that was put out for the Humans of Launceston. The reason I am doing this is I think enough people have said they would like to read my story when it comes out in a book.

With over 32 thousand words so far and the Desire to have it still be able to be sold. This might have to be done. So for what you can read right now and what will come out in the book will be a bit different as I have changed the formatting just a wee bit to make it flow a bit better.

My Goal is to have the book finished and ready to find a publisher by the end of October. The more and more I have toyed with the idea of the name, I am leaning towards the book being called “The Shadow of Ally” I would like to take the time and be thankful for all of the suggestions that have been sent. There were so many but the one I rejected as fast as I read it was “Aleana the story at the end of the rainbow”, sorry to say that just does not fit me. I might say the one friend who knows my Joke about the Token Tranny there is not a chance in hell I am going to use that as well, lol.

Though I will encourage people top enjoy the About me page at this current time. I will be changing it real soon. With much love, thank you for being my readers. I know the blog has taken a bit of a hit as well in posting but I had to put my efforts in writing to the book. I will be keeping the FAQ page and the new page Advice as I see these pages should be for everyone to help in case someone might need that information

Have a wonderful day!

The Book


I am just letting everyone know that soon the book Teaser will be coming to an end. I want to leave you looking forward to the book when it is done and I find a publisher. Though right now I am looking for a title and I am taking suggestions. The working Title is “The Shadow of Ally”. I am not 100% sold on this title and will be happy to change the final title once the book is ready to go with what ever sound best.

On the about me page there are a few colors. Soon those sections will be deleted and you will have to read the book even for those sections. So get in while the going is good. I am leaving out so much of the real Juicy stuff. Stories that will have you going OMG I never looked at her that way….

You join in on the book naming via the link below…..