Step by step

I went and had a meeting with Foot and Playstead on printing the book. Found the to be very helpful and kind. Got some promotional business card from Vista print say the book title and go fund me page with the blog site. Self promotion is not going to be a walk in the park. Kinda winging it but it will work out.


I am feeling a bit over whelmed that I am doing so much but it will all get done. I will sleep when I am dead. I will rest when everything is done, whichever comes first. I have been working on the gofundme page as well. I Still have a bit more to do to show everyone where the the money will be going. I was so shocked at the costs of book creation. The printing side is $$ big bucks. I am also looking at where all the people who get a cut of the profits. Glad some of them are one off. I never knew that there was a person who’s job was to format new scripts for print. Then you need an attorney to make sure you are not going to get into legal trouble. Then if you have not designed your book dust sleave and the cover of the book you have to pay someone to do that. Then someone gets a cut for the bad code….Yeah I was thinking the same dame thing I am paying someone to put on a bar code. So you can start to see where all the money will be going at first and it will not be in my pocket.

Please share and share often ……Well I need to get back to the grind so to speak…..

So very sorry

Well, there really is no excuse but there is a wonderful reason. I have just moved into the next phase of my book. Funding….Ekk….The book is looking like it will need to be self published and that is okay for me. There are a lot of benefits to that. So if you would like to be a part of this part of my Journey follow the link….


I have come to an issue in the book. I want those who read it to enjoy it but at the same time understand the impact of what being transgender is like. I am trying so hard to avoid the I,me and my usage in the book. But it hagotten back to me that this makes me sound like I have multi personality disorder. But at the same time I want the reader to get a sense of the impact that my life has gone through. The only way I can do this is to write in a way that highlights the usage of we, our and us. In respect of writing the book. I think if I wrote the blog that way people might have reason to be concerned.

Now on the funny side I have run into a new problem / issue. I have once again noticed that men really don’t have a clue about boobs. Okay I have this wonderful Top that I love but today I noticed that my boobs have grown to much to wear it. This is something men will never understand. This is a mother reason for always needing new clothes,lol. What the hell is up with the issues of makers not knowing how to use real measurements. My God it is not hard to understand that 18b should be the same by all makers but no that is not the case.

Now that my hips are starting to take shape new undies are required. Just when you think thing are going the way you want. 

I did have a small muscle mass issue last week that is was not able to talk about. I was with a wonderful friend, my body guard James. He had to open my drink for me due to the fact that my hands could not open it.  Try to understand that one. Well I’m sitting here at a café one0six in George Street Launceston. It is time to wrap this up and head out. Have a great day everyone!

The book update

Well I am at the part of writing a synopsis……. Ekk I did not think writing the book was all that hard in fact I am very proud of it but for days now I have had my head stuck in a hole trying to write a synopsis. Okay this has to be the hardest part of writing. I am taking 226+ pages 70,000+ pages and put them into 1 to 2 pages. WHY ME!!!!!!!!!