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The Shadow of Ally – Book Publication

 Transgender personality publishes Autobiography.

The journey of a transgender person is one that is often traveled in turmoil, shame and isolation. These stories are lived behind closed doors and with lack of understanding from those closest as well as the public arena.

Aleana Robins is hoping to change that.

In her recently published autobiography, The Shadow of Ally, Aleana lifts the secrecy and mystery of transitioning by telling her story of evolving from Allen to Aleana. In today’s world, the human side of the story behind being transgender is lost in the world of celebrity news and entertainment.  This book provides an insight into the human side of a Transgender person.

From her childhood growing up in the U.S., through trauma and conflict in her adult relationships, to her physical and emotional transformation in recent years, she tells a story that is raw, moving and insightful.

In her own words, Aleana said, “The book will allow readers to better understand the life struggle of being transgender. It also provides answers to many questions that the readers might have about the subject of being Transgender and the meaning behind it. It also provides some much needed advice to both the general reader, as well as members of the those who are part of the Transgender Spectrum.”.

The Autobiography can be purchased at Major retailers, local book store, or online at Amazon or

The author is available for interviews to discuss both her life and her book. Contact details provided above.


Transition Timeline Update

Well here we are once more another month has passed and I have adjusted the timeline. Enjoy.


Buy the book I know it will be worth the investment.

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Question Time page 3

I do try to answer your questions as fast as I can but the book took over in a big way. So now I am playing catch-up with all of the questions. I’m very sorry for taking so long to respond to them.

Q: Do you plan to keep the blog going now that you have your book out?

A: Well the writing of the book finished in November of 2016. I did think that was all I had to do for it. Then test readers, editors, fixing errors, by the time it went to print it was near the end of December.

Your question came to me via Facebook so we chatted a bit about it and I said yes. But to be honest the reason for writing the blog was not part of my story.

I started the blog because I was not really able to find an open and honest conversation about being transgender. Sure you could watch endless videos to get a small idea that changes from person to person. There are some that are wonderful like Julie Vue. But in the end she did not really cover what I was looking for. That was a month by month breakdown of what the in’s and out’s of being Trans was like. There are times even I miss the mark on it. But with my time line updates I think I can show how it is not an overnight fix. That the change I’m going through is also more than just physical.

I would like to keep my blog going as a guide to help people understand. Though in 2017 I’m going to be going back to school, promoting my book, and most important taking care of my children. I will do my best to try to keep regular updates. Though come hell or high water the transition timeline will be done without fail.

Q: Do you every think this is all too much.

A: No, I will admit at times it is hard. There have been many lessons that I have had to learn. But I’m not really known for quitting. Plus I feel better now than I have ever had.

Q: I have noticed that you are from the US and now live in Australia.i have read you never plan on going back, why.

A: Well there are a number of reasons why. I’m a parent of three young children to whom I take a great pride in being there for them. Next is did you know in 2016 one Trans person is killed every 10 days (as of last figures I saw) those killings not in just one place they are happening all over the US. I love my children and to place them at risk is not acceptable. Australia has been very wonderful to me and to leave a place that is home makes no sense.

In 2015 I was forced to cut ties with some of my family due to reason written about in my book. So the only person I would really enjoy seeing is my father, but the risk is to high.

Well there you have it, I’m all caught up. Once again I’m so very sorry for the delays. Please I’m going to plug my book, help me keep this site up and running. Even if you just go to Kindle your helping out. Plus you’ll have a great story.

For a physical book please buy from my prefered distributor.

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I will also be adding a new part to my Transition Timeline sometime today.

Question Time #2

Well I saids that I would be having a part two.

Q: Why did you write a book?

A: It all started with my About me page and a wonderful person I like to call my brother from another mother.  I wrote a 10,000 word about me and was about to add even more when he suggested I rethink that and possibly look into a book. One thing lead to another and then one week the children were away and I started writing to avoid being alone. 72,000 words later the book was born.

Q: How did you “coming out” go?

A: This is in my book and it is a rather long story to give it away in a single line. Read my book and you will get a better picture.

Q: I love your timeline about what is going on each month, will you continue it as you now have a book out?

A: Yes, There are a lot of people who don’t like to read blogs much less understand them. The book is a bit more expanded on a few thing from the timeline that people who read the blog will not get. Though I will not be writing a second book for the rest of my Transition, so the blog will have everything past 16 months until one day I stop writing the blog (don’t worry I enjoy it, so it won’t be for a long time).

Q: Do you regret the starting your Transition?

A: Transition is a double edged sword. What I mean by that is not everyone you care about will be there once you go into transition. Some people will show their true colours and you will learn who is and who is not going to be by your side throughout it all. This was a very hard lesson to learn, I lost a number of people I thought would always be by my side in life. I have even had people lie straight to my face tell me one thing then when I was not looking start talking behind my back.
Saying all of the above still does not outweigh the facts that I now live a life with people around my inner circle I trust with everything. I know who they are and they know me. These wonderful people have learned so much about the true me and have accepted it without a second thought. I have also met new friends who I hope will be in my life for a long time to come.

The whole impact of Transition is unknown to me at this time. But I am very thankful for the ability to have started the physical side. I have learned so much and when the noise stopped that was one of the biggest blessings there is. 

Q: Are you worried about the surgery?

A: Well to be honest, yes. I think you would be a fool if something like a major change in your life that could possibly kill you did not worry you. But at the same time with great risk comes great rewards.

Q: You talk about Breast Massage how is it done?

A: I am not a qualified person to help you with this. My friend showed me and her help was wonderful as she is qualified. I do not have her permission to share her details at this time. She has however suggested that you have a look on Youtube. Plus while doing so it will allow you to become more in tune with your breasts and you will know if negative issues arise. Should a bump that is not normal arise speak to your doctor asap! Get to know the signs of Breast cancer and be aware that you are now more at risk than before due to women are more at risk than men and you have taken the step that is giving you all the hormones of a woman and are blocking the male ones.

Q: I am confused do you or don’t you believe in a god?

A: Yes, I believe that we are far to an amazing creature to be a one off chance. I do believe in a creator, higher power, God or what have you. But I do not feel that we as a human race understands him. I live my life as best as I can helping out where I can and I raise my children to be good and kind as well.

Well I could keep going but right now there is still enough for a 3rd post on questions and I will answer those in the next few days.

I am not trying to be a prude but please support this site by buying my book. There is a lot of information in it including my whole story.

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Question Time


Well Christmas time seems to be a time for people to ask questions about being transgender. So instead of addressing questions to the people directly I felt it might be wise to talk about them with everyone. So let’s get right to it.

Q: Do you have a penis still

A: Well to a point yes I do. But it does not function like most men. Hormone blockers reduce the levels of testosterone in my blood making my penis a device for waste removal only. Hard erections are a bit rare and can be painful due to the penis does not become erect on a regular basis.

Q: Do you consider yourself a lesbian? 

A: Well I am a transwoman attracted to women, so yes. Though saying that does not make it easy to find dates or partners.

Q: What are the three things that being a womamazingan bother you.

A: Bras, dick pics, and people who think that I am less than a man who has the lesser skills.

Q: Why did you expose your “issues” to your children.

A: I have amazing children. I have taught them that being honest is one of the most important things a person can do. So hiding who I am is being dishonest with them. What good I have done teaching them that would be wasted. Plus every time I tried to teach them another moral I would be wasting my time. 

Q: So let me get this right, you were a man who wants to be a woman and still attracted to women.

A: Okay in an over slimpified way yes. But one thing needs to be cleared up. I really never felt like a man. I did not enjoy sex like most men. I did not enjoy the pleasures of male rights. I love being maternal the connections with my children are some of the best feelings in the world.

Q: Are you sure you are not attracted to men, I can change your mind.

A: Look it is so very simple, you have to see that from the day everyone looks at another person and says “Yup, you are the one I want” it is pretty much set that is who you are going to be attracted to. Few things change change that outcome such as Hormone Replacement Therapy but on average that is only a 30%. While I will say this much I am 99% sure of who I am attracted to, the 1% is lost in confusion. But if the 1% becomes clear it will never be swayed to a person telling me they can change my mind or show me dick pics.

Q: Are you ready to face life alone due to your choice?

A: Okay let’s clear this up. Being any part of the LGBT+ spectrum is not a fucking choice. I did not wake up one day when I was 6 years and say to myself “Hey, I know what I need for my future. That is to be marginalised, abused, lose rights, and all round treated like a second class human by family, friends and people I don’t even know. Let’s do it” Now for the second part of your question “Alone” hmm in so many ways I don’t want to be. It comes down to a matter of numbers and I will try to explain. Let say that in a row of 1000 people, 800 of them are Hetrosexual (M attracted to F) leaving you with 200 who are not. To make this easy let reduce the pool of people once more 99 are Gay men (I am not a gay man). 99 are Gay women ( I am part of this group) 2 are asexual (does not care for sex or is not working in that issue). 

So back to my 99 of those women it can be safe to say that about 25 of them are in some sort of a relationship. Another 25 are simple not attracted to you leaving you with 49 people in a town of roughly 100,000 people. Good luck!

So being alone is a possibility do I want it this way no, do I have a choice ummm no. I make the best of my situation, I focus on my children and my goals that I have set for myself. I don’t have the time or energy to suffer fools. If a person want to be with me that will be in that 49 or even less due to laws of attraction. If I die alone then that is that and I have made peace with it. I hope I have answered your questions even though my numbers might be a little screwy but I am sure you get the point.

Q: When will you get the surgery?

A: When the time is right and things are okay for the change. In the end I will make the choice based upon many factors that most people do not understand. 

Well to be honest there is going to be a part 2 to this post as I am tired of answering the many questions that are piled upon my desk. Though I do have one more to leave you with.

Q: I am 14 years old and I think I am Trans MtF, I want to tell my dad and mum but I am not sure how to. BTW they think I am Gay.

A: Look thank you for reaching out. I know Christmas time is hard. In the end you know your parents best. Trust your gut and make a choice based upon those feelings. Don’t rush this choice, sometimes taking your time is the best thing you can do. Talk to a professional for help if you are not doing so now. Treat them like you want to be treated with Respect. I hope you have a wonderful bond with you parents. With all the love I can send you, all the best. You are welcome to keep sending me emails, I promised I would answer them and I will.

BTW: THe Book is out

In case you did not know from the last post I have published my book at the following sites. For a physical book please buy from my prefered distributor.

I have also setup for Kindle readers.

Happy Holidays (I include everyone)

During this special days of the year some of us our hearts are turned towards others and I would like to all of my readers a very special wish for PEACE and Happiness in the rest of 2016 & 2017. As this year comes to a close I am able to reflect on what has been a wonderful year. I was able to reconnect with a couple of old friends. I was also blessed to achieve close to 80% of all my goals and there were a lot of them.

I would love to give you some great news on the site and how we have reached an increase of over 100% compared to 2015. The book has been completed and the future’s looking bright. The design of the foundation is taking place and is about a year or two away from actioning. Mark these words “When you can’t find a solution, create one”.

The Children and I are still flying solo but making life a treasure everyday.

In case you did not know from the last post I have published my book at the following sites. For a physical book please buy from my prefered distributor.

I have also setup for Kindle readers.

in closing I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas…From the remaining members of the Robins Family.

I’m so excited

First things first, if you are in the Tasmania Australia area please do not buy this book online. I will be ordering a lot of them for an official book launch. There will be a bonus for those that come to the launch that no one else will be given.

If you are outside of Tasmania and you want the book now you can order it via my preferred distribution channel.

Australian’s I will be in communications with local distribution channels asap. Worse case comes send me an email and we can work out how to get you a personalised copy of my book.

Last thing I would love to say is a heartfelt thank you to all of my supporters! God bless each and everyone of you that have traveled this path with me.

To Joy, I am sorry….I should have listened to you so many years before. I see it now I am a very talented person…..


Something in the last 12 has really shocked me and I did not ever think I would ever experience it. As posing as a man I never had to deal with objectivacation. As a woman I have been treated as a fool in a dress, to dumb to know about cars, to stupid to know business, weak, weak minded, and when I thought it could not have been worse as to when I was treated less than competent by a fuckin fool in a black apron. These past 12 hours I have had some uneducated jackass think just because I am a Transwoman I can be Sexually Objectified. Soon I am going to pop the fucking cork the next time one of these fuckwits think I am less than what I am. I will bite back so hard I will leave SCARS!

Okay to all my good friends

I will do it soon I will step in front of the mic once again soon. I just need to work out a few issues first. So please let me work them out. It is a bit of self reflection that needs to be done and dealing with Trans issues combined with a deeper singing voice. Though thank you from the bottom of my heart for encouraging me to do it again.

Much love