Something magical happened

Try reading this blog post with the Brady bunch theme.

There is a story that can’t be told and it happened a long long time ago,

When this woman needed some help, and she had no where to go.

Then the three ladies heard her plight, and then assisted, more than they know!

That’s the end of a real quick story, sorry I can’t offer more….
Okay now the silly part is done….

Stop singing, please, please, Please……..

That was not the end of the story! On the 17/1/17 a debt of gratitude was paid. I knew where these wonderful women worked. I’m so proud of the work that these the women did that every day i have no excuse but a debt to work harder!

So today after a year or more I surprised them with a book and I paid respect. Sadly only one was at work today. But you know what that one person might have never had a success story like mine. It felt like it was all she could do not to cry when faced with her success. We talked for what seemed like a lifetime. A hug was exchanged and two hearts joined in a wonderful moment of souls understanding love for one another.

When it comes down to it I am paying debts that cannot be paid in money. I am paying a debt of the soul. To say it was an easy thing to do is not truthful. I know that the sale of my book is very important to the future of my little children and my life. So there was the internal struggle of “why?”. Then to face the question at the core of every human life, greed. Though something unexpected started to fight back deep in my heart, the debt must be repaid! Louder than than the train in the middle of the night. It spoke of the truth of the soul and heart.

Flashback to the day i met these wonderful women. I walked in broken down and grieving beyond measure. Today I walked out with my head heald higher than ever before. The simple fact is I am I. Never again will I forget the love that was shown.
Thank you…..

Good News!

For all those who live in the Brisbane area please go visit the following store:

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They have agreed to carry my book. I am telling you that this book is good and people are starting to see it as well. Reviews are starting to show up on Don’t be left out wondering in a year’s time when people asking have you read….. I poured my heart and soul into this book and it will make a change, join me in being part of it.

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Project Billy update

1000 words and the structure is starting to take form. I like writing my books like this. It allows my readers to build interest and possibly look forward to the future book release as there will come a time when the book is no longer part of the Blog.

I would also like to take the time to thank all the readers!

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Reminders of the Past

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Some of what I might say right now might add a bit more insight to Project Billy. While growing up I watched my father make friends with anyone no matter color of their skin, economics, or social status. My father taught me many things about dealing with people and finding the truth behind the lies. I learned that some of the best people in this world have nothing more than a place to call home and a shirt on their backs.

A number of years ago I got into a heated discussion on the topic of a friend of mine to whom the other person did not care for. I have watched over the years this person become more and more a great father and husband. Though I lost friendship with the other person in that discussion, my friend to whom was the point of the discussion has remained close. At the point when all the chips were down one who was trying to say the other was a bad person was nowhere to be seen and my good friend was there. Love you J.L.

So what is my point Never Judge the book by the cover as what lies inside might be greater than the dust jacket. Plus don’t always listen to the sales person telling you something is crap when you know everyone deserves a chance.

I was reminded of this lesson today with being Invited to a BBQ with people I hardly knew. I had a wonderful time and got to meet some new people and was made to feel at home. Thanks J.D.