Transition Timeline Update

Month 25

Well not many changes have taken place this month. Though since being on the the pill my hair on my back has almost all but fallen out. I still have a few here and there that are white but they will go as well. I also started going to the pool 5 days a week working on getting my weight down to a more manageable area. in case you did not know that you should not be over weight for the surgery. SO I am working real hard swimming 1k or more a day. I am trying to get up to 1.6 which for Americans will be one mile a day. I am Tracking it on Fitbit as well. (if you can find me you can add me)

Though this month has been a bit more emotional than some of the past ones. You see I have shared care with my ex and the time with the children we do a 50/50 split and it is a week about basis. When the hand over day comes and they leave I am shattered, I end up in bed tears flowing like mad. Though after a really good cry I am alright and the rest of the week goes fine but that cry has happened 3 times now. But I am sure this is very normal and nothing to be concerned about.

I did run into a weird problem that I went and talked to my healthcare professional about. I was woken up in the middle of the night with an erection that was very painful (btw erections are normal in humans). So I had to wait until it went away and it scared me a bit. This is due to the fact that on hormone blockers I normally don’t get them. On a scale of 1-10 it was about an 8. Which made it even more of a concern. When talking to my medical professional we looked at my levels and they were fine in fact they were really good. We also looked at the issue of that it is a muscle and had not been used for some time and thus the pain. What should you take away from this simple go and be a regular at your doctors office during your transition.

I dropped into my social worker this month as well. I call it checking my six and I just empty the stuff that might be on my back and a bit hard to carry. It helps to do this.

Well like I said not much this month in changes…..But keep your eyes open, I am going to lose this weight..

Want change? Act !

Well I was tell everyone a while back that I was ready to start to lose weight. Sometimes I wish my Nephew Frank was around I bet her would have me into shape in no time. But since he isn’t a good friend stepped in and changed the desire to changer to an action. I have been going to the Pool/Gym for 5 days now and I am starting to feel better. Today is my fifth day and compared to my first I swam 250m compared to about 50m.

What does this mean overall well lets take a hard look at it. I am going to lose weight and a side benefit I am going to start to feel better about myself at the same time. In case you did not know a lot of fat is not wise when going to Gender surgery. Then I have 3 amazing little kids who need me more everyday and I need to be here for them. Healthy is the way to go. Then the next thing is no more fat clothes. Lets be honest those suck unless you have a bucket load of cash.

My next goal is 300m my end goal is 1000m in one hour. I will reach that and hold there until I feel the need to push harder. I am swimming in a 25m pool and I am not a very fast swimmer right now but with the lose of weight comes a speed and muscle memory. I warned my friend once I get hooked into something I go for it and I go hard. So we both are going to reach our goals.

I am so thankful for her help that first day. You see as a Transwoman I was scared of being judged. But once again Tasmania is showing me the beauty it has. Yeah I get a few people who Cisgaze (I wrote about this a long time ago) but you know the more I am out the better younger Transwomen will have it. So instead of sitting have home wishing my friend help me Act. Give it a go.