something BIG this ways comes

Soon……. I know, I have kept you waiting…….Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

So now you are wanting to know what it will be. One book, Two book, three book or something more. Sometimes Silence is golden, sometimes it can be the messenger of something grand. Where this will take us I only know.

Hint hint I hear people beg…. though it falls on deaf ears. I am always busy doing this or doing that, a project here or there. But never idle never far from a passion.

See you soon…….

Choices that we make

This year number 48 is over. I have seen some amazing things that a lot of people will never be able to. I have stood on the tops of mountains and seen the glory of mother earth. I have seen the beauty of humanity in the eyes of a child who has lost everything. I have fed the homeless, given shelter to the broken hearts, I have saved a life more than once, I have given hope when it was needed and I have loved.

Where did you go last year of your life? What did you do? What mark did you leave on this world? Did you help someone?

Well now my 49th year on mother earth is here and it has been a ride and a half to start. My best friends in the whole world gave me the best present I could have ever been given. That present cost them nothing but rewarded me plenty. They gave their time. I call these friends the Five. But their weight in gold is much more than money will every buy. When I have been at my lowest the five have been there. When I thought all was lost the 5 lifted me up. I know Karma is a thing we say sometimes to comfort ourselves when we think there needs to be justice. But I say this about Karma she does not act like that. She only repays what you put in. I can’t wait for every day to be a blessing. My cars tyre was slashed. But I walked to see my children get on the bus to go visit the other home. Then I walked back. That was a very hard walk 13k’s with bad knees. But I saw some beauty as I smiled at others who passed. Then they smiled as well. I saw birds, wallabies, and mother nature reclaiming what belonged to her in the first place.  It was a lovely walk. What a great way to start the year.


spare a quick thought

This Sunday I was in our local paper. Link

While responding to a question someone asked I gave a few stats and while I was in the shower. It dawned on me my numbers were possibly wrong. We know that right now the current world population sits somewhere between .03-.05% of those who are Transgender and that number is growing.

But I left something out and it shocked me when I noticed it. Currently due to the attacks by the US government towards the Transcommunity there has been a huge increase of suicides. That number has risen to 41% and is expected to continue. This is due to the attacks that are created by the Religious Right but supported by the Government as well. So with that set of numbers we should look at the possibility that the true amount of World population might be closer to 1% if the suicides were to cease.

But what we are also seeing here is a number that is missing and that is being 1 Transperson a week is being killed in the US. There is an untold number being killed in a other countries as well. What we could be seeing is a government  (the US) allowing wholesale discrimination and a group in society that is possibly being reduced if not eliminated.

Just something to think about….

Being Trans


Lets start this post by saying the following. I believe being trans is a journey of discovery. I was asked a question in my email. About if I thought it was real and right that children receive treatment for being transgender. So here is my reply……

Thank you for your question. While I sense that you are asking it is because you are struggling with the answer you have. Then thought it would be best to ask someone. So once again thank you for asking me. Many people think that the Transcommunity wakes up one day and says hey I am Trans.

Well in a way we do I will speak from my life and point of view. I was six years old when it all started. My generation was not as switched on as the children are now days. I was in the bathroom and very upset that my penis was bothering me. I did not tell anyone because I did not really know how to express the feelings. I was also very angry that my sisters got to look so pretty and I was dull. Once again my dads was a mans man. As the years went on this confusion got worse it stayed until I started treatment.

But somewhere along the life’s journey I had children. One was born challenged mentally more than the others. Then I made a huge mistake and lost touch with that child. Life moved on and so did I. I got remarried and had another few children. One was born with Club foot. She could have grown up and lived a okay life. But kids can be as cruel as the real world. So, my ex and I took the advice of doctors and got her help. Which she needed to have. But that was fixed, It took years. Now that child has turned out to also have Dyslexia. So, now I work hard on helping my child understand how to work with Dyslexia.

Do you see where I am going with this. I was born challenged as well. I am not angry about being different but life could have been better if my parents would have listened and cared. But times were different than they are now and so was the medical profession. I watch children now who have the same challenges that I started to see when I was 6. But now these children have the power to talk about what is going on.  The medical profession has also grown on many different areas not just Trans-Health issues. But somewhere they started to see that the quality of life could be lifted if the right help was given. There is a few shining examples of this quality of life. But the one I know most of all is Jazz Jennings. The journey that not only she went through but what her parents went through is very well documented. I am more than sure they had their concerns as well for the future of this little person. But like my daughter, my ex and I took steps to give her a better life. Yeah there were questions, a lot of them. There were also some tears and anger as well. But never at our child more as to why we did not really understand how this could have happened. But we got over it and focused on our child and still do. When this same child fought suicidal thoughts we did not give up. We fought those demons together with her.

You see times change and so does our collective understanding that we are not all alike. So when it comes to healthcare for children who are Transgender we need to take a step back and think what is best for the child’s quality of life. Remember that 41% of people who are Transgender have succeeded or attempted suicide. I am a survivor of many attempts. But if we can save 1 life through medical help is that life worth it? As a survivor, yeah I think it is. As a parent who has a child who fought the demon as well. I can say without a shadow of a doubt every life is worth trying to save. So if a pill stops the pain, confusion and then saves a life. Why not do it? That child does not care about God nor how many people might hate them for being different. What they care about is stopping the chaos.

I hope my answer helps you understand why medical help is needed. I lived with the chaos for 40 years. If you ask one of my closest friends who knew what I was going through. She would tell you that at times it was very bad. Then she would tell you how I have changed and the difference HRT has made in my life. She would also say that my quality of life has also been better on HRT. Is it my solution, yes. Is it everyone’s solution I don’t know but that is for them and a doctor to look at. I wish you all the best…


Most of the time….

Most of the time it is a big block that stops me from writing. Not this time, it is just a lack of desire to let the creative juices to flow onto paper. Its not over not by a long shot. I just need to breathe from the chaos and confusion of my book “The Choice” I have never been so confused on if I am going the write way with a story. I spend time telling my children stories all the time. But this story I just so confused if I have the right path. I think it is very good but I want better than good I want great if not amazing to read.

My last post hinted at something exciting is coming and that it is. I am not going to let that cat of the bag so to speak.  So hang in there it is coming. I Promise….