It’s my birthday…

What a wonderful day of kind friends wishing me well. It does fill my heart with happiness. Though in saying that there were a few friends who were concerned that I was having my birthday dinner alone. There are a lot of things people don’t understand about me, So I am going to explain a few things.

I am okay with how my life is going right now. It may not be perfect and I am in a large amount of pain 24/7. But I have my children that make life all worth it. I am scared of losing my ability to walk as I can see that in the near future. But I am at peace with it still. I am working with my medical team to work out a path for a bright future. I cannot say enough for all their efforts.

Now as to being alone I am asexual. What that means is I am not really clued into romantic relationships and sex just is not that big of a thing for me. But there is also an underlying issue that is part of the reason I am also alone. What happened to me in my last relationship has scarred me and it will take someone amazing and with a large heart to make me trust someone like that again.

Though in saying the above I love my children and pour all of my emotional energy into making sure that they know that they are cared for on so many different levels. That is enough at this moment in time.

Once again thank you for all the birthday wishes.

I love where I live

What many might not know is I live in a small piece of heaven. This is in more ways than one. The magic is in the people of this wonderful place where things happen a bit slower than others. The magic is in its people as well. Launceston Tasmania, Australia.

Something happened today in my travels. What many might not know is I appear to be losing my ability to walk. I get about a 1 km worth of pain free walking. But I refuse to allow this monster rob me of life and so I push that small distance as much as I can. But yesterday I went way to far over my limit. It really started to show when I was doing my shopping. I knew I should be using the online service but I love to choose the food I buy. I don’t trust my veggies being chosen by someone else as I have high standards (FRESH!).

But as I was saying I love this place. Someone who knows me more than I know them saw me struggling ton walk and stand offered me a ride home with my shopping. I was in no place to say no as I was about to collapse due to the pain that has set in. This wonderful person took the time and drove me home then brought in my shopping. They even told me to go inside as they did all the work bring in my shopping. As a kindness I gave them a copy of my latest book as a thank you. Though all he said was that he was paying it forward.

What the person did not know was that my heart was breaking as I knew the rest of my day was going to hell. I hide this level of heartbreak from my children as I don’t want to be “That parent”. As the night was closing in the pain levels became a monster in so much that all the pain meds could not hide or solve. I even got to the point laying in bed and the shaking began due to the level of pain. My reality began to sink in as I might have to look at going back to the doctor and talking it over again.

The magic of the kindness of the person who gave me a lift home was one of the best things for the day. Had he not been there I think my day would have been worse. I am going to try to force myself to go on a diet and might even look at reducing my weight by cutting back on a number of things that I enjoy (a tall glass of coke with ice).

I have even been told that I need to look at moving to a move friendly to those with a disability living arrangement. But I love my view from my front window and that is something that many places that are like that don’t have. but I am thinking that they might be right as I am very concerned about my future if not scared.

Something to ask your child

A few days ago I posted something rather wonderful on my Facebook. Now I would like you to give it a go with a child you know and love.

We need to provide the change we want to see in our children. That starts with understanding how they are feeling. These questions might just open the door for change. At this time during the pandemic we need to be there for them.

I care!

As a person who thinks more of others than I do myself at times. I am once faced with a choice that many might not make. That being doing something for my fellow man in their times of trouble.

As we all know COVID19 is wrecking havoc on earth. Many might lose hope in the shut downs or even those in isolation. I would like to do something for each and every person who needs a hand up. I just finished publishing my book called “The Choice”. Like my main character I am making a difficult choice. As we all are starting to understand that our mental health needs a lift during difficult times. I have created a promotion give away for my latest book “The Choice” starting on Friday the 8th (US time) the Ebook will be free for 5 days to download from the link below. All that i am asking of you is can you please leave a review. Now follow the link at the end of this post and enjoy. There are no strings attached to this give away. I just really do care for you and I want you to stay safe and healthy.

PUSH ME | Will You Press The Button #3 - YouTube

Wishing you are yours all the best during this difficult time.

Spare a thought

STOP, COLLABORATE, and listen!

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There are 1440 minutes in a day. Right now the death toll of COVID19 is 4.5 per minute. Did you think of that when you refused to wear a…

Coronavirus: wearing a cloth face mask is less about science and ...

Now I know that some of my readers are in the US. Right now in the US the death toll is 1 a minute. You can be a hero you can save lives. Wear a mask it is that simple a mask would reduce the virus being transmitted. Now I know that some of you have your excuses. But I am going to let you in on a small secret. Did you know that there are software’s that are designed to do facial recognition. There is a know problem that the governments are worried about. That being the software gets confused when a person wears a mask. BTW this is not deep state. I am giving you reasons to save lives. Simple right? Yea, so why are you so scared?

Think of the fashion statements that can be made!

Have a favorite sport team why not show it on your face mask.

Want to show your support for a cause (Black Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter).

Want to match a outfit.

How hard is it to save a life?

Please put one on the life you save might be yours.