Sexual Abuse – Time to think

I am going to share something that I found very interesting and it is about sexual abuse. This topic comes for an article from Exploring your Mind website with the link here. Now before people race off to start claiming that they have been abused we should look very carefully at the context of law and how it pertains to the issue. Even in the western worlds free countries some of these issues are not crimes. Then there are those who do use and sell sexual intercourse freely and within legal guidelines. We must not assume the judeo-christian values to everything we might find distasteful. Nor should we assume that something on the lines of self-harm is a crime as much as it is a cry for help at the self-harm is linked to. I am not saying that I disagree with the statements that are listed from this article, but we must look at the context. There is also a difference that needs to be seen in this that is not addressed. Sexual Assault which is a crime, but it depends on where you live and how it is defined.

Now I am going to quote the article with a part that I thought was something people should think about and see if it does enter their lives. I should not have to say this but I know some of my readers need to hear it. DON’T JUDGE WHAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND! If there is anything in this list that you do not understand take the time and learn about it. Learn what the full impact of the issue is. I am not saying that you have to agree (as some of the issues here are very serious). But you need to think and learn.

Nine types of sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is an act that can affect a person’s sexual and affectional development. Félix López states that there are nine [types – sic] of sexual abuse:

  • Self-harm or any type of bodily harm to intimate areas. For example, genital mutilation or binding breasts so they don’t grow, etc.
  • Sexual abuse. Abusers tend to be older than their victims. They’re usually in power positions and manipulate their victims.
  • Sexual exploitation. Any kind of commercial sexual transaction.
  • Pornography. Including producing, selling, and buying someone’s sexual content with or without their consent.
  • Child marriage. These engagements are made by adults. The victims are often female.
  • Not accepting sexual identity. For example, not recognizing transexual or transgender people. Many suffer from this and it negatively affects their life.
  • Not accepting sexual orientation. For example, not accepting homosexuality or bisexuality. This means not respecting a person’s sexual and affectional needs.
  • Gender violence, domestic violence, intrafamily violence, and inegalitarian education. Gender violence and intrafamily violence affect socialization. Discriminatory education makes it difficult for people to fully develop their affection and sexuality.
  • Sexual negligence. Living in a sexually violent society, not accepting that people with disabilities have sexual needs, and not providing a good sexual education at home or at school.

Sexual abuse in some context is a crime and if it becomes a concern then it should be reported to the proper authorities. This will allow them to investigate the concern. I once again stand firm that there is NO excuse for abuse. Last but not least I am linking to phone numbers in Australia should you need some help.

The only way out of Ignorance is through EDUCATION! Don’t use a belief structure to avoid understanding.

Chronic Pain

Life has not always been the best for me. Some of it I did to myself and others were just bad luck. Case in point when I was about 10 years old I woke up one night in the worst pain that I had ever felt in my life. For the last 41 years it has not stopped. I have only just learned to deal with the pain from it. I have seen a boat load of doctors and always been told it was just Growing pains or Chronic Pain but I was told once I was making it up. 2020 has been the worst year of my life in managing this pain and due to the lock down I was not able to visit my doctor.

This changed when our lockdown ended and the virus was gone (Thank you Tassie!). I was able to make an appointment so that I could seen. This wonderful man has me running through hoops just to figure out what is going on. If you know much about me I am not really one for letting things rest when I need to know what is going on. I have now been told that I have Arthritis and not the fun one at that (like there one that is). New meds to try to slow the progression and pain levels. While this might seem like a good thing I do not like taking drugs to mask the pain. My mum died of liver issues that turned into cancer. I worry about having the same problem so I try to avoid the unnecessary pain meds. I wish the government would hurry up and make cannabis legal here in Australia.

Though the good news is that I am leaning towards the idea that I might have Fibromyalgia which is also something my doctor is feeling that will be the end diagnosis. What does that mean well in simple terms Chronic pain with no mitigating factors. Which mean that my pain is not linked to broken bones or other fun junk like that. Sad thing is that where is once was just my knees the pain has begun to show up in my left shoulder and in my toes. At this point I really feel like my body hates me and always have. Add that on to being Transgender and Dyslexic I am turning into a doctor’s dream money bag, lol (Does this hurt….poke).

The rise of Hate

Of course Disney brought a life-sized TIE Fighter to Austin, Texas - The  Verge

Sure it sounds like a new Starwars movie, if only one that made logical sense. Opps, side tracked into dreams of a well written plot…. But the truth be told if we look at the really scary facts that there is a dark and horrific power that has been rising and it is one that has to be taught. We don’t need to question its existence as it is all around us and at every corner. It is teaming with some of the greatest teachers that the world has ever seen. Emboldened but the mass media that is also a teacher of children when parents refuse to allow the innocence of a child to foster into a well groomed adult. Who then the parents wonder why there are such horrific children. We only need to look inward to find the persons to blame.

While you might think that I am blowing this out of proportion and creating out of nothing. But if you did then you are blind to what is going on in the world today. Right now we are seeing in all of the developed countries of the world laws that are being passed to make it a crime to complain. To make a stand in be heard in mass gatherings. Right now in the US there are police who are killing unarmed citizens and the people are saying WTF! But when they do they are met with Police attacking them for the desire to hold the police accountable for their actions. We also see courts refusing to hold them accountable for their actions.
We can also see that we are voting in monsters in powerful positions. Who at every turn restrict true freedom of any group that is not like them or stands in the way of their narcissistic natures. Which are only fed by their insatiable greed. Yet we still wonder why our children mimic the very actions we are repulsed by. We even have seen the rise of the internet keyboard monster that is more than happy to expel their vile hate at every chance. But are surprised when they are confronted by their actions. We have seen it in religious leaders who have ignored their idolized leader who once wrote about peace and kindness. Their congregations like their leaders perpetuate this hate at every turn installing it into the angelic innocence of their children without remorse for their actions.

Yet we soften the terms of calling out this hate by using soft words like Homophobic, Transphobic, TERF, Confused, Mislead, and even Dislike. Why do we do this? We do this to avoid hurting their feelings and being considerate and compassionate towards them. Even though they refuse to do the same for each person that they direct their hatred towards.

No Nazis swastika | Campaign!

How do we combat this dark presence? That has continued to grow in the light were it once only festered in the darkness. We stop allowing the use of the soft words or phrases. We return to the Truth behind the powerful words in our languages use of such words like Bigot, Zealot, Racist, Extremist, Abuser, and even Fanatic. We stop referring to the usage of examples such as calling a person a Nazi or the equivalent of Hitler. As those have been used to a point where the ownership is part of what has empowered the darkness of hate and those who wield it.

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We call it out at every turn by using such power filled words. As by doing so the person to whom we direct it at must make a justification for their very actions. When that person attempts to sidestep the label we reenforce the usage of the term we used in the first place by suggesting that they review the term we have called them. Then we walk away no continuing the engagement with this person as the last words said must remain the most powerful and impactful above all others. We must continue with demanding education be fair and equal for all. Not allowing the leaders who have sided with hate. We must also stop making excuses for those who are filled with hate. We must stop voting in the lesser of two evils and demand a return to the age of heroes who have lifted rather than tearing down to lift themselves. We must vote with our heart in hopes that we can find a leader to whom will fill that role and execute it with honesty and compassion. Until we start and stay ever focused we will continue to chase to repair the damage that the powers of Hate have caused. We need to rise and be the heroes that we desire to find at every turn hoping that they will lead us into a better future.

The Heroes that you are looking for is the one staring at you in the mirror.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder - Why It Happens - Exploring your mind

What an Amazing video

I know the JKR thing is getting old that it seems we cannot get away from it that is is almost everywhere. If you are wondering why it is so controversial please take the time and lets put a nail in the coffin with this final and last time I really want to write about it. Take some time and enjoy this video. It is very well done and addresses JKR and all of her points.