About me

Well it was old and needed a refresher!

So what about me?

I think it is best that I point out that I hate talking about myself. I even have a gut wrenching time writing it. But if you ever meet me in person I am not one who could be called short on words. So without trying to rewrite my journey of self-discovery (The Shadow of Ally). I think it would be best if I summed myself up. If you have not figured it out yet I am a Transwoman. I spent so many years trying to hide the truth as I knew it would rock the boats of so many peoples lives. It would also cost me more than I was ready for when I did step out of the shadows.

I am a survivor I suffered for a long time under the abusive thumbs of two people who I respected so very much. My mother passed away and sadly never really was willing to come to terms with me. I did find it in my heart to forgive the years of abuse. Then there was someone closer… My father was not the abuser. The other person I am being kind to so that they will learn to live their life and leave mine alone.

I learned to accept myself when the children and I walked away that deep dark rainy night. I had to face the reality of being a single parent. While also learning to be the real me. I spent hours talking it over with a trusted person only to come out the other side stronger.

In 2016 I started with my first published book called “The Shadow of Ally” I am so very proud of all the work that went into that book. Though looking back at it I have grown so much over the years since writing it. I became a better writer and person because of it. I was shocked at all the response I got from it. Even with all the huge errors in it.

You see I am severely Dyslexic. While I enjoy writing I am not able to read it like others do. The words move and I become stressed and confused at what I am reading. SO I shy away from it as much as I can. I work better with audio and hands on instructions. But that does not work in writing.

About three years ago I made the choice to do it again and this year 2020 I have just released my second written work called “The Choice”. My end all goal is for people to see that even someone like me with all my issues is valuable. I want others with Dyslexia to see that we can create something wonderful even with our challenges.

As a Transwoman I am very non-conforming to what most people would think I should be like. I don’t sugar coat the reality of being Trans. It is not all makeup, heels, and dresses. But I am smart enough to hold my own in a room of 40 doctors and lecture them on being Trans. I am also “Outspoken” but you will never find me carrying a sign. But I will go toe to toe with someone who refuses to trust the science of being Transgender. I talk softly but I carry a HUGE stick! This is me -sort of

BTW here are the juicy bits

My Transition Timeline (Link)

Photos (Why do we do this?) (Link)

13 thoughts on “About me

  1. What a beautiful and lovely “About”!! i can soo relate though i haven’t found courage enough to begin transition. i can hardly wait to read your posts! It does help of course that you write soo wonderfully!

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  2. TRANZGENDR is striving to document the true transgender experience, which means we need our readers and members of the transgender community to tell us their story. Many people believe that life is about the peaks and valleys, but we believe it’s about the moments and the people in between. We see the uncelebrated members of the community, as bring truth and defining what truly means to live a life in transition.
    TRANZGENDR would also like to know what you think about the world that feels entitled to attack our community. So please feel free to submit your thoughts on current events as well.
    Please submit your personal story or essay.



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    1. I love your idea but for me I am so busy trying to so many things at the same time I am not sure if I can help you. Though you are welcome to write a post off of my Stories or About me.


  3. I never knew the old YOU,i only know this YOU ,………….YOU are on one incredible adventure, Good luck xx (Lee,the amazing checkout chick ) heheheh πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  4. Wow! I am so blessed to have found this site and be re-educated by your path and your thoughts. What an amazing journey you have had and are still in. Quite a ride. I always love the Nissan slogan “Life’s a journey: enjoy the ride.” And I think you are bravely taking it and making it and living it loud and clear. I’m also amazed that you say you are dyslectic because you write so very well too. You are one amazing person. Thank you for allowing me a peek into your amazing life.


  5. Hi Ally, Lovely to meet you this evening. Congratulations on an excellent site and blog. In order to be a writer, you need something to write about, and you certainly have that! Well done on writing and publishing your book; no small task! Best wishes for your future.


  6. Hi my name is Krissy and I am a transgender also I came out 5 years ago and my wife was very supportive i am now widowed ( October 2018) and with that I promised her that nothing would stand in my way of becoming a woman . As of November 2017 i was put on testosterone blocker spironolactone and found out that they were destroying my kidneys so as of February 2019 my dr. made a switch to ketoconazole which is better and I have noticed that my adams apple is going away and in March i am going to be on the female hormone patches but as I get closer to that my therrapist will be writing letters for my penile reverse surgery in September this year so in 2020 i will be a full female i am looking forward with my life . I live in a small town so I have run into very rude people and my thoughts for them is this ( I am not here for you to judge but you are jelous of me and I did not ask you to look ) each and every day someone has negative words and I don’t give a second thought This is me and I am going to be who i really am
    Thank you


      1. Hi and I am very happy to make my progress to be the transwoman that doesn’t look back my life is a blessing and I am looking forward to the future where transgender people don’t need to hide and be scrutinize for who they really are
        hugs Krissy


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