Good News fills the air

Sometimes we all just need to hear a bit of good news. Mine today is an all clear with my issues of health. Phew it took a bit and a lot of TLC and Bananas. Oh I can’t forget the spoonful of honey at morning and night. Oh my gosh I like honey on toast but not on a spoon. But I was really please how it helped my tummy issues. I was really scared because it was getting to the point the pain was crippling.

But now lets move onto the next bit of news If you have been following my blog, Facebook or podcast a few thing are in the pipeline for changes. I am in the processes of re-branding a few linking places. Being Trans podcast has been getting a good start to listeners for the first six months. About a month ago I renamed the podcast to Being Trans. This was done after a couple of listeners made the suggestion. The exciting part is I still have my same approach to being trans as always. I am not a flag toting person screaming “what do we want…when do we want it..” which to me is always filled with bullshit in the end. I talk on points that I feel are a real impact on the Trans community and point out the bullshit ones. We can even have fun pointing out the few fun issues that doctors never warned us about. So if you would like to drop by and spend a short time with me on the podcast.
I also changed my Patreon site to work with this new branding. In the new year I will also changing the blog to work hand with the re-branding. As much as I have enjoyed having this blog (which has been four years). I think the ideas are in need of a refocus as well as a face lift. Something fresh is the idea. I know there is a huge amount of information on this site and at times it can be lost in the complexity of it. So I am reworking the structure and some of the content. I really want to focus on the positives of Being Trans. Yes not everything will always be positive but I am so tired of seeing so many negative stories and bullshit that fills my Facebook.

Well to end the “hey look at me” part… But things are changing and in the pipeline so keep watching this space. Don’t forget to stop by the Podcast.

Long awaited update

Hello, I know it has been a while since my last post. I am currently dealing with some adverse health issues. As soon as I am on the mend I will return to posting once more. It has put my writing on the back burner at this point in time. My podcasts will continue as much as I can work on them. You can still find me on Being Trans. Which can be heard on you favorite service. Thank you for understanding and respecting our little families privacy in these matters at this time.


Too many Irons in the fire

Well I did it once again burned myself out, ha ha. I have been going so fast with so many projects that one had to suffer and it appears it was the blog. I am so sorry this blog has been one of my greatest loves in writing and something that draws me back to it over and over. While the pod cast has been stealing away attention from projects as well. But this month of August seems to have been one of my most action pack of my life. I am still struggling with my insurance on the car. I knew that was going to happen. I should have just canceled the damn thing.

But I also stumbled upon a bit of Trans healthcare that really set my mind in motion as I have also been experiencing some concerns with my own as far as over all health and progress of my Transition. This information added to my own research into my condition. As well as possible links to how it happened. Though not being able to have my own mothers healthcare records or even a desire to apply for them. I might be facing a small road block. Until I can find a way to access them. Which also might face road blocks from my family in the US. There are a number of Medicines that were given to women in the 50’s to early 70’s that have been shown to have caused birth issues some of which is Gender Dysphoria (I don’t want to use the term of Transgender).

I would like to share this video with others but I think we all need to take a step back and think for a bit that this is NOT a full solution or the complete solution if you are not happy with your transition. Not all doctors are as forward thinking as Dr. Powers. But becoming educated ourselves on what is going on with our own healthcare is vital. I have been very concerned as of late with the use of Spiro and its adverse effects on the body. As a whole the WPATH is a great starting point but with few changes over the years. Please also don’t view this also as a way to medicate yourself. You do need help from the medical profession. We are talking about blood tests and being reviewed on a regular basis. But please do use this as a part of your own education.

Be mindful that this video is 2 hours long. The first 30-40 minutes are very informative for the average person.


If you are those who like to read my blog for information on how I am doing personally why not tune into my Podcast where I do dive a bit deeper on subjects and my life. Or even ask me to be on my Facebook. I do edit it and drop people who troll or post NSFW junk. So please be mindful that I will search your profile before added you. If you are just trolling or sniffing I will know and I will not add you.

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Public Transportation

Cartoon car

Well if you have been following my Podcasts and Blog. You would have noticed that our car died. Now while that is a sad event and many have said oh no what are you going to do? Well you see in many ways I loved my Ford it was a very good car. But I had that sinking feeling that change was coming. But at the same time I was also thinking that I needed to make a change in being Greener and my Ford was never going to do that. I was wasting $60 dollars a week in petrol on it and then I was also spending out $30 a month on Insurance. Then top that off with Registration each year at close to $800. The car was also costing on Oil changes and Tires. I even had a tire blow up on me costing me close to $300. The numbers were not adding up when it came to benefits vs. rewards. I was shelling out close to $5k a year if not more. I thought there had to be a cheaper way.

So I started to think and I put it out to the universe I needed some guidance. I started to get the sense that change needed to take place and it was coming if I liked it or not. So I started to look at new cars within a price range that made sense. As well as not over the top. So I set myself a budget and started to look at all the cars that were available to fit that budget. Then in my searching I found the MG. Now this is not your dads MG much has changed including where it is made. Surprise it is made in China and the cost is even lower than what I budgeted in the first place. With that a great 7lt/100km with 7 years warranty and Roadside assist. So I came home and set the information down to think about this choice. As I no longer rush into things and wanted to make sure what I bought was a wise investment.

But at the mean time I thought that riding the Bus was going to be a bit of a pain in the ass. But it was something that was forced upon us as a family. The more I have started to ride the bus the more I have come to enjoy the freedom of not driving. While at sometimes I need an Uber to do a few things that the bus time tables do not fit. That is okay and I can deal with that. So right now we are saving for a new car. But the truth is we might just stay with the bus for a little bit and it will also allow me to end something that has been going on for far to long.

So I got in touch with my Attorney and dropped some money in his lap and said it was time to end the games and the marriage. My ex and I own a house together that she has been living in it while it was to be sold. But someone (hmm) took it off the market without my permission. But at the same time chose to start making noise about the children and visitation but never wanting to solve the problems at hand. So at the same time I am dropping money in my Attorney’s lap for get me out of the marriage as well. This joke of a marriage has been going on for far to long. It needs to end and I need to be far away from what I can in dealing with that person and that persons new partner. While I know it will never end due to we have 3 wonderful children together. I want as little interaction as possible. Being partners in owning a home is not little. I made a huge error in allowing her to remain in the home in the first place and changes have been made without my permission as well. Horrible choices in colours for paints and wall textures. So before it gets to crazy get me out of the contract with some fair cash in my hands as my part of the investment. Shit should have been sold years ago.

Then I have made a choice not to reinvest in a home. I feel that coming up on 50, a 30 year loan is a bit crazy of an idea. Investing it might be the safest choice to have something when I get older. Might invest it in a business idea as well. I am working that out with people who know more about money than I do.

So coming back to the topic of our car. Well it is dead and that is okay what I was thinking was putting it up for a Trade. Seeing what people have to offer for it. Yeah it can be fixed, but the cost for me is not worth the time and effort. So I am going to take sometime this week and see what I can get for a bigger version of a Paperclip. I have already been offered $100 to just scrap it so now I have a starting point on the value of the trades. What to aim for that is above that price point is a win and you don’t have to just take the first offer. This might just turn out to be a fun adventure. Who knows where it can take us the Paperclip for the guy a house and a chance to be on TED talks. While being on TED talks is not my goal I have a few things I would love to make happen. We will just have top see.

Also on a side note I have a Patreon site with the first three chapters on my up and coming book. I have said that I am going to put a chapter up a month on that book for people to read before it goes to the presses. But at the same time on the 15th of the month I am also going to start putting up a chapter of a second book. So for a low price of $3 dollars a month you can enjoy my book before anyone else can. But if you are so inclined you can pay more but $3 a month is a bargain.

Then to top that off I am still working on my Podcasts which are going very strong. Why don’t you come and join me. It is becoming an adventure in itself as well. I answer questions from time to time on being Trans as well as a few other topics.

Working with children

ARGH and it is said with absolute love in my heart. My wonderful son has been needing some help in his English studies with writing. So like any good parent I have stepped up to the plate to help my child in his time of need. This does not mean I am going to have sanity when it is all done. But I have chosen to install word onto his computer as well as Grammarly. While doing this I ham having to teach my child the finer points of using a PC instead of his Ipad.

While for most this might seem a normal day to day event. It is not that way for the current generation of students as they are working with Ipads. Which is still trying to catch up with the business world. Then we have the fun of explaining the use of the Oxford Comma and how to use it correctly. Followed by the advanced steps of referencing while still making it easy to work with.

Then somewhere out of the blue my wonderful son looks at me with the kindest of eyes and asks “Is this what you do when writing your books”. So in a look of utter disbelief at the question I had to open one of my drafts to a book I am working on. Knowing I am Dyslexic and it challenges my writing skills all the time. As the word document opens I am faced with looking at the Grammarly error count rise and rise. My wonderful looks at me as it starts to sink in that we all have challenges in writing and errors happen. So we got back to work on his assignment and creating an argument on why cats are better than dogs. But my young son does not fully grasp the concept of a written one sided argument. So I had to then teach him about writing a debate and his side of it as I created my side of it.

We worked for about an hour so now it is a time to give him a break and rest a bit. We have a couple of days to work on this assignment. So we will do some more later on it. I do love working with my kids on their homework and I am also trying to teach him touch typing at the same time. Now that is fun……

Facing changes

I am always amazed at what the universe like to throw my way. Last week from the actions of others I chose to change back to a choice that was made 3 years ago and all agreed. As my daughter and I were talking it over while enjoying our choice for dinner and driving home I blew the two front tires on my car as we went over the railroad tracks. This is not the change…

About six months ago I told my heart and the universe that we needed to look at lowering our carbon footprint. I know this was going top need some changes on our part. We live very close to town and buses run here all the time. So I was thinking of getting a smaller car that uses less petrol. But I was also thinking that we needed to learn about buses. (This was not the change)

As we drove home with the blown tires. I was very ill knowing how much I was in for on the cost of replacing the tires. Which sits about $700 dollars. I am not rich and I scratch and claw for every dollar I have.

But in wishing the universe heard my thoughts. As I was looking at a smaller car… One that would use less petrol and be kinder to my budget as I was using close to $60 a week in petrol. The idea of a town car that used less was very appealing. I started to look at the new MG. Which was very appealing with all that it has and the amount of petrol that it uses. Thus lowering my usage. But the plans of the universe and you do not always walk hand in hand. So there is not a way to always be ready for these changes. Little did I know that the changes were going to be thrust upon us.

There was more damage done than just blown tires and the cost of talking to the insurance is not worth the hassle of trying to see if the damage would be covered. As it was motor related and I am not sure if it can be linked. Since I cannot with good faith say that they were. So in that issue I have made the choice to walk away from my car and look at riding the Metro Bus which I am not to crazy about. As the time that will be wasted is not very favorable. But the big picture is that it creates to solutions with one problem that might turn out to be a blessing. So here we are looking at changes that the universe feels we need to do. But at the same time we are saving about $200 a month in keeping up the car by using the buses.

I am not fully sure about the carbon footprint issues linked to car vs buses as we are driving longer distances and time in a vehicle. But then again right now there are savings, hmm. But I want to leave the world better for my children and if this is what needs to be done the pain vs the gain will be worth it.

It’s the only one we got.

Podcast suggestion

Hello all,

I really did not want to bring into the blog stuff from the podcast keeping a separation of the formats was something I wanted to do. But on Saturday I am going to post a podcast about Parent Alienation and the impacts of those actions.

A lot of divorced or separated parents have to deal with this subject and I think it needs to be dragged into the light. The only way parents can grow to be exceptional parents is to learn where we are failing and how to improve. I also think that until we remove ourselves from petty issues such as hate for the other parents we are trapped in our own nightmares. I hope that you will find the time and join me in this Podcast.

Much Love


Please take the time and help.

Look I know it is hard to live on the street, I’ve done it. I know the fear of having nothing to go home to. I know the fear of losing it all. I have met so many people who even have less than I do. Yeah I am suffering without a job and being Trans. But at least I have a home and tonight we will sleep warm. Sadly this is not the case for others.

Here is Australia we had a rich man beg for 3 million dollars to sue for the right to hate others. Then got it with the help of the Australian Christian Lobby. Just think what 3 million dollars could do for the homeless in my state alone. Lets talk honestly 40% of LGBT+ youth who come out end up homeless. We as a community have the ability with a donation of just $5-10 dollars to help someone in a meaningful way. Doing more good than 3 million dollars to a rich man. We can show just how much love our community has. Please $5-10 is not much. Cup of coffee in the morning vs helping someone have a place to sleep.

Right now they have enough money for 8 pods lets get them some more.
Thank you for taking the time.

Project: Gaming with the Boys?

Well, as I said in my podcast and on this blog I had an idea for a bonding event with my boys. That was to make a Lan party in the house just us three. Plans are plans and sometimes steps taken are rather hard. So I dug out my copies of Quake. Quake 1 was and still is an amazing step forward. But in saying that no I am not going to learn to code the game to work right. Quake 2 Oh yeah! we got it working but there is a problem. I suck at it now….

Where once I had an edge but 17 years later I am getting owned by my son, LOL. life really is fun, we were test and tweaking the setting to work with the Mouse Keyboard style that both of us enjoy. But my system is so fast that I could turn around and create a tornado. Gabriel watched it happen a few times as we were setting it up. Now we need to setup the laptop and we are almost there. Now Niamh has seen us playing and has changed her mind and wants to join in so not the idea has changed to Gaming with the kids. We are still in the testing phase and we were also able to test the recording software. Next we will see if Twitch can work with it.

I hope to have this all setup and ready for a full run on Sunday the 7th of July. We also hope to be live on Twitch as well that day. So if you want to see some fun and here us being goofs tune in for more information this week. *Warning* plans could also have to change, the life of being a parent <3.


Ah one of my all time neglected platforms. But wait no longer, I am trying to get this up and going at the same time. If you want to see some of the things I do. I am going to be uploading on my Youtube channel.

Right now there is not a lot on there. But in time this is going to change. Please do enjoy what is on there. Videos of my Son’s at a Jiu-Jitsu championship. Then there is a video about gender affirming surgery for Transwomen. Now I will answer anything but not Trolls. I will delete those as fast as I see them. No one needs that kind of hate in their lives.