Being Trans

Being Trans is a Podcast designed to educate the listener to the realities of being Transgender. Our mission is to approach the topics in such a way that everyone can learn grow and find answers on all sides of the topic. Some of our conversations will be difficult to have. With that said the only way out of ignorance is through education.

We’re Back

Episode 01

The revival of the Being Trans podcast. This is just an introduction to the podcast but also a walkthrough of the new website linked with this podcast.

Loss and Grief

Episode 02

What do you know about the Stages of Grief? Did you know that no matter who you are or what event is linked to Loss and Grief we all experience the same set of stages? It could be your Dog, Mum, or even your Phone it is always the same. How we respond to those stages makes a big difference in our mental health. But if your Stages of Grief involve someone that is in your life. It can affect how you navigate through these stages. As well as how they navigate through theirs. Let’s talk about it.
If you would like to learn more here is a wonderful page to get you started. [Link]


Episode 03

Todays show we talk about Self and knowing how it will impact your overall life. Plus how others will also see you as being Transgender.

Online Gaming

Episode 04

We will be talking about online gaming and the positive impacts on the LGBT+ communities. As well as negative impacts on social behaviors within these communities.

Conflict Resolution

Episode 05

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