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Project: Billy

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Project Billy is an act of love for my father. I make no apologies to the alive or dead in my father’s story. I also wish no ill to harm to their memories. Forgiveness is a wonderful blessing which is followed by a large amount of healing which comes afterwards. My father is a good Man……

It was in 2015 that I started really getting into writing. I started finding a passion for it that I never had before. As I wrote my story I started to understand that I did not know really anything about my father or my mother. In 2016 my mother passed away and so did many other things about her. We the family lost so very much because she never left a journal or felt to tell us the whole truth. While to many this may not seem like such a big deal but I assure you when you have a Father like mine as well as a Grandfather who have both touched your life you want the world to know about it all. In fact you want to know everything all the stories all nitty and gritty facts of this person. You don’t care if they are scared bumped and bruised, you just want to know.

It started just like for me. I finished my book and started saying to him hey dad tell me more about this and more about that. I started asking him a few of the hard questions. I tried to leave out some of the emotional junk that can derail the start of a project like this after all he is a very reserved man. I started thinking that I really only knew a small amount of who my father was and how our family was created. I made a goal to spend time each night with my dad talking over his life. I had to do this before he loses more of his memory. Sadly I don’t get all that much time but I am working on it as much as I can before time runs out. You see when someone like your mum passes away you get a feeling for time and how short it really is. You start to feel like you did not do enough for a person who did so much for you.

My dad on the other hand is alive and I wanted to know more about the man behind what I have always seen as a legend.

I never thought I would be asking my dad for permission to write his story much less have beg for his permission to do it. It took about six months of slowly asking him to allow me the honour of doing so. I started off with small little probes hey dad what do you think about me writing my book?  What do you think about not knowing everything about a person you admire? What if people did not write stories about their heroes? In December of 2016 my dad must have just given up fighting me on this request and relented in allowing me to begin. Now please understand my dad while loud is a bit reserved when it comes to talking about himself and what his life was like. I am going to try to give my dad’s history a voice it has never had before. I know there will be times that learning and writing some of his story will be very hard on the both of us. But I have faith that the two of us will work it out and make it through the time we are given to create his life for all to read.

Before we get started I would like to say what an honour it is to right my father’s story. For a man like my father who never really said much to speak about his life and his memories it must be a very hard thing for him to do. Some of the stories I will do my best to expand on what my father has told me. There are going to be parts that my father is going to forget. Plus the fact my father has never really had a great memory. Then there will be times that I am sure that he will not want to talk about. I am sure that some of those live in his year of Service both in the Marine Corp and the Air Force. I am also sure that some of the history of his brother and his choices are some of the things he would rather forget.

I think there are a few skeletons in the closet of my dad’s life that he would also rather forget. Through my dad has an ion will and if he does not want to tell you something forget it you will never know.

I’m the this is a labour of love, so please be careful where you tread. Read my father’s story might have a few landmines here and there. There were days days that my father never talked about and hopeful has learned to live with and forgive the wrong do’ers.

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For my Father to whom this book was written for……

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Table of Contents

Family Structure
Fred Ovil Robins
Comalee  Taylor

Dads thoughts on his parents
Dads Family
Marine Corp
Air Force

The losses
The Future

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Family Structure

My dad is one of 7, 5 children born to his mother and father and two half sisters to his step mother. My dad was born in Quitaque, Texas on January 27th 1937, to Fred Ovil Robins & Coma Lee Taylor. Might have been married around the year 31-32 (research that)

Now I know I make big jokes about this town where my dad was born. Stating that this town is so small it only has one stop light and that only flashes Yellow. Sad thing is that this is so true. I also joke that my father lived in the backwaters of Texas as well. THe funny thing is backwaters might need to have water to begin with. On a phone call with my dad I opened up google maps and took some time looking at where my dad was born. In our conversation I asked him where the hospital was, I was told that they did not have one and all births were done by midwives. I started to look at the population over the years as well. I wanted to know how big the town was. I was able to only go back a few years but it never really seemed to crest over 500.  At 2014 the population of my dad’s home town was 386 and it was not growing by any means. My dad can recall a few memories of living here but not to many as he was young.

We tried to talk over the past about what it was like to grow up there but the one thing my dad brings up was the Divorce of his parents. While talking with my father about this time there seems to be an underlying sense of sadness that has never really been dealt with. It most likely never will as such time has passed and the time to heal those wounds is long gone. I can only think what it must have been like to a 4 year old child seeing his mother drive off at such a tender age that combined with the fact that his sisters were also going.

I spent sometime talking with my Aunt Barbara who was the oldest in the family children wise. Barbara was married to my Uncle Eddie who my dad always thought of as a good man. Barbara told me a little bit more about my dad’s past when it came to the early years when they were a family together. She told me that my Grandmother was sad and upset about the divorce as it was a bit of a shock to her. We spoke about the events that lead up to the divorce where Grandfather (Fred) had fallen in love with another woman Sierra (step-grandmother). We talked a bit more about what it was like in the house that first year after the divorce. There was a lot of struggles in the family accepting Ciria. I think part of that was due to the way things happened and how this woman was coming in to raise my grandmothers children. I was told about the deep emotional pain that my Grandmother felt at the time.
*There is also something to be said about the way children can be towards a new step parent when that parent has been perceived as the reason the parents are not married any longer. Issues through a child’s eyes are different. With that said if things are not handled properly children might see the newcomer as a threat. Thus acting out in ways for attention and it will not matter if that attention is bad or good it is attention. Sadly this is more than evident in this family.
At the same time if the stepparent does attempt to assert dominance it could create confrontations which seems to have been the case during the early years of Ciria entering the family. So is the case with evidence from some of the children of the second marriage in dealing with Ciria. While knowing the issues that I do, I have chosen to let the dusts lie. I also say to you that there is no right way or wrong way to grieve. I impress upon those that read my father’s story such as family members and extended family. To let the healing begin and come together as adults and family. 
I asked if my Grandmother ever remarried and was told that until the day she died she was in love with “Fred”. Some stories change the deeper you dig. I was told that my Grandmother shortened her name to Lee. My grandmother passed away I was told when I was very young due a battle with Cancer. It was not a short battle as well she fought it for about 3 years from what I was told. This was not the case and my father was not the one that told me this.

I want you to understand that my father is a very secret man not that he tries to hide things it is just that he has always just kept his cards close to his chest. Barbara did not even know my mother passed away in 2016. She told me that my father had not told her yet. Oops, I let that out of the bag.

You see from what I am understanding is at the time divorce was a lot different than it is now. The true loss of the family unit can only be guessed at. I am sure my Grandmother leaving her boys behind must not have been an easy thing to do.

My Grandfather was or worked as a Farmer and a Barber on Weekends. My dad has 5 sisters (Shirley Still living, Barbra still living, Christine Passed away, Punkie, and Lollie) and 1 brother (Robert Robins Passed away). My dad’s family was one of the most interesting walks of Dysfunctional examples one could ever see. When my dad was 4 my dad recalls his mum and dad had divorced. My Grandfather was less than a shining example of a good parent at times. Though later in life he changed his ways and became so.

Dads mum & dad were divorced when he was 4, Girls went with G’ma and boys with G’dad. Thinking about the impact this must have had on the family at the time would not have been aloud this day in age as the Marriage ended my Grandfather Fred chose to keep the boys and allowed my Grandmother to take the girls.
The impact that continued from here must have been so hard on the children as my father recalls that he only got to see his sisters once a year and only for a short time. This also ended as costs and distance to send the boys to their mum must have been to high.

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I am sorry but I am stealing this section from my personal Autobiography. Somethings just need to be said again. But understand my dad was NOT the abuser.

I stand firm that there is no excuse for abuse in any fashion or form by anyone towards anyone. This includes Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Age or anything else.

Personally I feel that emotional abuse has to be one of the worst things it walks hand in hand with Physical, Economical and other types of abuse.  Even after people try to come to terms with what happened deep down inside some of the pain and damage will last forever. There is no pain that is like the pain given from a loved one.

Every 9 seconds a woman is abused, every 37 seconds a man is abuse. Excuses are like assholes we all have them and they all stink. Give me a reason as to why people felt the need to abuse others then I might listen. But there is nothing that is worth the time and effort to listen to because there is none. If you look at in 24 hours 9,605 women will be abused. Every three hours in Texas alone (where my dad was from) in 2015, 1 child was reportedly abused. These numbers have been getting lower historically from when my dad would have been a child as those types of numbers are only speculations as it was not regularly reported.

Children who experience child abuse and neglect are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult, and 30% more likely to commit violence crime. This will impact the Robins family and become a factor for them. 14% of all men and 36% of all women in prison were abused as children.

Then there are those who have no remorse for their actions. But like cockroaches when the light is turned on they run and hide. There is no excuse for their deplorable actions and in the end the truth will be known by all…. Once they start, it is very seldom they will ever stop.

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Fred Ovil Robins

Fred Ovil Robins was born in  19?? in ???, to Grover Levi Robins and Lily Maude Robins and died in 1987. This part of the story will be lumped into a bit of the story of Fred’s parents as well. Please understand that to me the dead have no feelings and therefore I am not going to protect their deeds and actions. So if you expect me to not speak ill of the dead you are reading the wrong book. To understand my dad the best you must understand the building blocks of this great man.

In 19?? Fred married his School Time Sweetheart, a childhood love. It is sad to say that this person might have been the one person Fred loved above all others including himself. In 19?? Fred’s wife died during childbirth due to complications. But she was never forgotten or far from his eyes or heart.

In 1931 Fred was married to CommaLee (Lee which she was commonly known by) which was an arranged marriage. Due to the abuse at the hands of her father. Though the full details of the arrangement are unknown to family members it might just part of the Honour that Grover Robins had as a man. Though one might be able to link it to the fact that Fred’s father was a wealthy man who was also in real estate owning several houses during a time that the depression was taking place.

During the marriage to Lee it was reported that Fred was known to have a painting of his long lost love hanging above the fireplace at all times.

In 19?? in a shocking event that rocked the Robins Family (Great Grandparents to children), Fred surprisingly divorced Lee. Then within a short time Fred was remarried to Ciria. The two younger sisters do not recall the photo/painting hanging later in life. It also makes me wonder if Fred ever loved Lee, due to these two actions. There was also the issue that Fred possibly dumped Lee on the streets with a 2 year old and a new born. As I am not sure how Lee moved from Northern Texas down to Austin Texas. It could have also been that Grover Robins stepped in.

There were times growing up that my father said Fred was a very stern man. In my research I have been enlightened to such information that calls into question the term “Stern” I think it would have been better to call it what it really was “Abusive”. One of my Aunts informed me that Fred’s punishment to the boys (Robert and Dad) was to take a leather Barbers Strap to them. Though talking with my father there was so much love in his heart for his dad that he broke down in tears telling me that his father loved all the children so very much. This was also confirmed by the Two youngest sisters.

Information has lead to the reveal that Great Granddad Grover Robins forced Fred to pay Lee $100 dollars a month to help support the two younger girls. This was done as Great Granddad Robins was enraged with Fred’s actions. It has also come to light that my Great Grandfather also traveled a great distance to Buy land and build a home for the Girls and Lee. Lee was greatly love but Great Granddad and Great Grandma Robins, that it appears the they remained a part of her life until they passed.

Fred choice and his actions around the Divorce and marriage to Ciria caused anger amongst the children and family members alike. As the Great Grandparents were forced to take actions several times to intervene on behalf of the children. My Father told me that every winter my father Traveled to live with my Great Grandparents to live with them. Though there seems to be an extended stay that was due to the fact that my Father did not like Ciria. Making his feelings known on a regular basis Fred removed him from the home to have peace from the struggles. Now I would like to point out that Ciria that despite the actions of Fred causing strife in the family it should also be noted that Ciria was a good person. The actions of one choice for Two people should not tarnish their the good that they have done in their life. I am merely pointing out the facts as I have been told.

Fred was not known to drink alcohol much but was known to be a chain smoker. My dad told me in conversation the Fred never touched a drop of it. My dads memories of his father are ones that are linked to material items such as my father recalls the first car he can remember that his father owned. Which was a  old 1941-1943 lincoln Zephyr had a straight 12 cylinder , Grand dad swapped out for 8 cylinderlincon-zepher

To which came a story of when the motor had to be replaced to a standard V8 motor and how the boys could sit in the engine compartment after it was done without a problem. The next car my father recalls owning was an Oldsmobile 88.

My dad recalls where his father worked and some of the timelines that are linked to Freds employment History.

  • In the First World War my grandfather was a Farmer
  • At the same time he was also a Barber and a Automotive repair person
  • In the Second World War my grandfather was an Airplane electrician at Kelly Field in South San Antonio

Family moved to South San Antonio in 40’s around the start of WW2. Fred was too old for joining WW2 and had a job that was highly needed. Dad said he was listed as Critical employment. My father recalls his dad working on B29’s and B17’s.

Fred Robins passed away in 1987 leaving behind his wife Ciria. All seven children of two marriages. It was said that he passed away while getting a can of Black eyes peas on New Year Eve’s day. I must be the only person in my family that does not like Black Eyed Peas. There is a time old Tradition / superstition that if you eat Black Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day you will have good luck for the coming year.

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CommaLee Taylor-Robins (aka Lee)

I found this part very emotionally hard to write about as I learned so much about this wonderful woman that my father did not know much about due to the issues that took place after the divorce. The actions of which rippled through the lives of the boys (Robert and my dad) even to this very day. I hope and pray I am able to give this woman of great strength a voice and honour her memories.

ComaLee Taylor was born in 1913 to ??? Taylor and ??? Taylor in ??? Oklahoma. By all reports she was a lovely Brown haired woman standing about 5’6 to 5’7. Who was as kind hearted as she was Beautiful. My father’s memories are limited at best due to the facts of the Divorce at a young age and later not being able to see her.

I have spent several hours talking with the two remaining Daughters of the Marriage to Fred. So much of which I think I am able to say that while my Father might not have been blessed to know his mother on a personal level of great detail. I am sure she would have been proud of the great man he had become.

In 1931 Lee was Married to Fred in an arranged marriage. Fred was Lee’s first love and seems to be her one true love.  As such Lee was head of heels in love with Fred and Barbara was born not too soon after in 1932. In 1934 Robert was the first boy that was born to the couple followed by my father in 1937. Later Christine was born in 1938 and last was Shirley in 1943.

In 19?? in a surprising event Fred returned home after a trip to California where he spent some time. Then announced to Lee who was pregnant with their fifth child that they were getting a divorce. In a defiant stand this incredibly strong woman told Fred that they would not being getting a divorce until after the baby (Shirley) was born. It appears that Fred did not take this stance from Lee very well. But I think with the backing of my Great Grandfather he did not have much of a choice. But in the end once Shirley was born the marriage ended shortly after in 19??. Lee and the two young daughters Christine and Shirley were sent packing and Fred kept the family home.

The actions of Fred did not sit well with my Great Grandfather and he took action as the Head of the family. These actions were to enforce Fred to pay Lee $100 dollars a month for the two girls and then he (Great Grandfather) bought land and built Lee a home for the Girls and her. To give you an idea $100 in 1940 was worth in 2015 $1,690.97. All I can say is Holy shit Fred it would have been cheaper to keep her as the old song goes…

One year after the divorce the oldest Daughter (Barbara) returned to live with Lee in ???. As well as for about two years after the Divorce Lee was able / allowed to see the boys (Robert and my dad) for only one month each year. That ended when Fred moved the new family to South San Antonio. Lee would not be reunited with the boys until much later in life. Robert for a brief time in 19?? and my father in 19??. Sadly though by this time the damage was done to the relationship with Lee and the boys would never be repaired.

Lee was married 6 times in total. No man was ever able to live up to the level of standards which she thought Fred was. To which even he could not live up to in the end. Thus this created a rotating door in the search to find love that mattered as much as the love she had for Fred.

In 1983 ComaLee passed away…still in love with her first love.

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Ciria, (Mother to Marilyn and Loretta)

***************Need detailed Information***************

Passed away in ??? at the age of 89


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Dads Thoughts on his parents…..

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The Sisters and Brother

Barbara, being the oldest of my father siblings was born in 1932. From the information I have she was someone my father looked up to when he was young. Then in conversations with my dad there is a sense of sadness as he was restricted in his connection to his sister. Though the memories that remain are close to his heart.

In conversations with Barbara she gave me a glimpse into some of the past with my Grandparents and life with my father albeit a short one. There was much fondness and love in her tone.

In 19?? Barbara was Married to Eddie ???. Just like my father to be proud of a person whom his sister was married to. Funny thing is he had no part in it. I recall all of my dad’s feelings towards Eddie, everytime he spoke of him there was never a bad word about him. I was like my father missed a solid connection with his sister and her family.

Barbara and Eddie had ?? children

Currently Barbara is still alive and well, in conversations with her she is a wonderful woman who loved my father even though time, choices and distance caused the to be apart. I was told that my Father called her every Christmas to keep in touch.

Robert, was the first born son born in 1934 he passed away in 2008 at home surrounded by his loving wife Margarita, his son always known to me as Little Robert, and my Aunt Shirley. I think there are many unknown factors in the life of Robert that helped him on the path of poor choices. Let me be clear on this he made some horrific errors in his early years. Though it should be noted that Robert was not a bad man. Now it is known that abused children suffer throughout their lives and even after the abuse has stopped. It is also known that some of the poor choices that Robert might have made could have been a direct result of the abuse that he suffered. Sadly it affected every aspect of his life including his relationship with my father. Robert paid his debt and his time. Though enough has been said about his past let me tell you about the man.

Robert was also very successful, a loving Husband and a wonderful Father to his son. One of Roberts poor choices lead him to his final demise which was Hept C. It is unknown how or why this happened but the location and time are suspected. My Aunt Shirley explained to me the decline in his health leading up to his death as pain filled and sad.

From the moment Robert met Margarita there was something about her that was going to change this man even if he did not want to change. Margarita was a powerful woman and the changes she brought to Roberts life would impact those around him for many years to come. It all started so very simple his love affair with her. One might say he was in love at first sight. You see they both worked for the same employer though Margarita at the time did not speak english. So there was his first hurdle he had to learn spanish. One thing I will say about the people in my family that if we want something bad enough we go after it.
So what did Robert do he started spending time listening to radio and tv in spanish to learn how to talk to this wonderful woman who had stolen his heart. I spent some time talking with his wife Margarita. Who gave me a bit more information about her late husband. All she could do was to explain in broken english what a wonderful man her husband was and how much he loved and cared for her and the children. Robert was also a very kind and loving husband. Who like Billy would give more of himself than he had. Margarita told me that Robert was a classy and polite man. From the moment that Robert entered her life he cherished every moment with her.

One of Roberts errors in Judgement lead him to believe that his mother would never want to see him ever again. Margarita told me that if it would not have been for Ciria and herself telling Robert that his mother was dying that he should face her it would never have had happened on his own. When he was faced with his mother’s illness in her final days forgiveness took over and a mother’s love shine through but it was far too late for Lee she had lost the ability to talk and all she could do was to cry at the very sight of him. Margarita felt that their was some healing done at that time. To think that if it would not have been for Ciria, Robert might not have been given the opportunity to heal. As the writer of my families story part of my dad’s story I am moved to tears thinking how much pain my family had gone through at times.


Christine, was the fourth child born in 1938 and passed away in 20?? with her children by her side which was her requests. When Christine was 15 or 16 she was married to Charles Stearn and Deborah was born. Later  Christine would marry Monty Mccarver to which Lisa and Monty were born. Later in life Christine would marry Jim Patterson. Jim did something very magical for Christine he helped her bring out the artist side of her that she had repressed so many years before. Christine to Art and Music with a passion. Later Christine would catch the bug for Travel sell off her small ranch and began her adventures.

~Would like more information~

Shirley, was the fifth and final child of Fred and Comalee Robins born in 1943 and survives to this day. It should be noted that much of the information in Comalee Robins came from her assistance. ~need more information~

Loretta, (aka Lolly) was the second child born to Fred and Ciria Robins and the 7th child in total born in 1945 and is still alive. ~need more information~

Marilyn, (aka Punky) was the first child born to Fred and Ciria Robins and the 6th child in total born in 1946 and is still alive. ~need more information~

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Billy, (My Dad) was born in 1937 he is the third child and is still alive. In 19?? he was married to Sally and in 2016 Sally lost her battles with health issues and passed away leaving my father side after ?? years of marriage.

My father told me that he stopped living with Fred and Ciria when he was in High School as he did not get along with Ciria. Later in conversations my father explain that his father sent him to live with his Grandmother.

131 Koepke Harlandale texas this is the very house that my Great Grandparents owned.


Dad’s first Fight in South San antonio was with Arthur Welch. Both boys got pulled in to Principal’s office. They were playing during recess they were playing baseball dad hit the ball Arthur said it was foul and hit dad with the bat and dad hit him with a rock. They became friends after that.

In conversations with my Aunt Loretta, she recalled my father very fondly. One of her greatest memories was when my father before school would walk over to her home and be there early enough to play Jacks with her, then walk her to school. My father did not have to play Jacks with his sister it was something he enjoyed doing with her. She recalls that my father was a very nice youngman. She also spilled a few secrets that my father never dared to tell to anyone of us children. You see my father was very handsome and quite the ladies man. In fact he had a lot of girls who used to chase him. So he would use his skills to having them do his homework for him. She laughed that when he got into the Marines that would have not been something he could do.

Billy is the father of three children Jody, Wendy and Ally (The Author).Sadly Both Jody and Wendy have declined to be interviewed for the book at this time. There is hope that before publication this will change. The only quote I can directly attribute to them is one from Wendy in response to there father is “I would like to keep my cherished memories to myself. They are very personal to me.”.

Ally,  (me) is Billy’s last child. It is at this time I am even more drawn to the fact that there has always been a sort of hidden emotions within the Billy Robins family. With exception to myself in later years. In fact one might say that it is something hidden within each and everyone of us. It is a learned behaviour that has enshrouded all five members of my family to which I am unsure of it direct origins. I can say this, my father (Billy) is a great man to whom I am so very deeply proud of. I am proud of my father’s years in the service and the unquestionable love for all of us children. There is nothing he would not do for us and there is no measure to what he has done for us. Even at the times in our lives when we as his children did not deserve his kindness he never stopped caring and loving.


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Marriage to Sally Nichols-Robins

My father holds many things close to himself and one of those has to be his loved for Sally. One might look at it and the way it was rather a simple event but as you have read a bit of Billy’s history he has always had a bit of Mojo working for him even from a young age. So who would have ever thought that this one woman could have stopped him cold in his tracks even so much that he married her in 1958.

After they were married Dad called my grandmother and told her they had eloped and that her daughter would not being coming home that night. Dad sure did have some guts telling my grandmother that way. He explained he was not welcome around the family including my great grandmother and grandfather. I wonder why that is, had it been my kid would I feel the same way? I remember being told by Mum years ago that my great grandmother used to call Dad “Son of a bitch”. While Dad was on assignment in Japan, Mum lived with his parents for a short time before she moved back to California to be near her father and it was then, while Dad was away, that my oldest sister was born. This time would form some of the stress in relationships with my dad’s family and my mother.

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Military Service

Billy has had a distinguished career in the armed forces he was in the Marines and the Air Force and was a Master Sergeant at the time of his retirement. He was also a C-130 and C-141 Flight Engineer- from what I have been told that is like a third pilot. My mother used to tell me that my father was highly decorated. I recall seeing two Distinguished Flying Cross medals and seven Air medals. I found out later that he had Three Distinguished Flying Cross medals and flew in 130 combat missions as well. I know my father has bunch of others medals, but he never has told me what they were for. He did once tell me that he was not allowed to talk about a couple of the medals and I have always thought it is a shame not to know what he had or what they were for. My father also never talked much about his roles or what he had done. There is a bit of mystery about him and his life that I have never known until now.

Billy has always been involved in the Military in one form or another. He has seen engagements in Kimi O Matsu islands in 1959 near the China Sea and in 1969-1970, 71-72 Vietnam War.

Marine Corp (USMC)

My father joined the USMC in his 17th year as a reserve. By the time he was 18 he joined the USMC full time. In the six year that he was enlisted he spent time in Japan and served during an engagement near the Kimi o Matsu Islands in 1959, this is located near the China Sea.

Jim Reederman from the Marines Buddy. They were wrench heads Dad was fixed wings and Jim was Helicopters

Dad was in the following groups while in the Marines VMFA 115 out of El Toro “Silver Eagles”


Then following he was in the VMFA 314 the Black Knights


There was a third VMFA 542 The Tigers


While in the Marines my father worked on the following planes

Douglas F4 j57 with afterburnerdouglas-f4-j57, and the F4 phantom j79 with afterburner two seater. I remember my dad referring to this plane as the Lead Sled due to the fact that it could take so much lead  from enemies rounds and still fly.f4-phantom

Growing up I recall sitting down with my father and building a 1/48 scale model of the F4 Phantom. We spent hours painting and glueing that model together. My dad use to tell me stories about him and some of his Marines buddies sitting on the wing of the plane as it roared to life. He would say that this was one of the ways the used to troubleshoot it.

Air Force

Larry Ekland Vietnam buddy Air Force Buddy.



As most of us know the US lost the war in Vietnam. So many young men went over there and gave their lives for someone else’s cause. Then there was those who ended up being captured, tortured  and some were even put to death never making it home. Then there were those who came home only to be spat upon and hated by people they were not fighting. What was even worse there was the issues that some of the men came home lost within their own self hatred over what they had to go through. I recall hearing my father being upset that he had to be bused off the based for his protection (I might have this one wrong) I also recall him talking about the issues of being spat upon.

To say this time was a hell on earth not only for my father but so many like him is an understatement.

Had I known what my dad went through in VIetnam I would not have enjoyed all the times I used to scare him.

Dad fought in the battle of An Loc Vietnam in?? There he received two of his three Distinguished flying crosses and 1 special Air medal. Need Story behind medals. Need to ask dad if the DD214 gives reason for the medals? What was dad doing at that time in Vietnam???????


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In Conclusion

We after spending countless hours, phone calls and emails. As this book draws to an end my heart has been turned towards my father the Hero. So many different lessons have been learned in this project. I hope that despite some of the stories you have read that you are not to judgemental of those long passed.
I would like to thank the following people for their contributions and assistance in helping me make this wonderful book a reality


I also would like to thank my wonderful Editor (Kristi Robertson) for all the hard effort she has put in. As well as for putting up with my hard demands on this book.

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These last ten pages are a challenge to you. To take the time and I will try to help you compile your first book about someone who touched your life. I am no one special but this pattern I work with. and it is wonderful and helpful in creating my books. But the reason that I want to help you is the fact that our family has lost some amazing stories about some wonderful people. With those people who are gone their stories of their lives are gone as well. You never know what magic you might uncover in the stories that have never been told.

So let’s start off on subject material who would you like to write about?

You are going to need to find out a bit of their past to give colour to there


My dad went to school in ?????

After a bit of research my father while in school excelled in two sports baseball and football.

GG’pa at 1 or 2 years old & at nine grade (Robert was not around) Dad lived with her until she passed away. Things were not going to well reason for going back in 9th grade.


 My dad recalls living at my Great grandparents in South San Antonio 


When my dad was ?? he and his brother went to live with his Grandfather and Grandmother in ?????, Texas. This was due to ????.


Took my dad to work once to see all the planes he was working


Father Moved around during WW2

Dad still remember rations books.

Lacoste Texas

My dad lost his father at the age of ????

Growing up San Antonio Texas
Pleasanton Road Harlandale school district

Used to Caddy at a golf Course


Feb 17 of 1954 Joined the Marine Reserves, in the Summer of 56′ join the Marines full time

Married in 1958 to my mum after dating her for a year.

Natalia texas, Great Uncle Oscar lived

5th Grade they built a house on the weekends S. San Antonio

South Sand High school in South San Antonio,  Near Lackland Air Force Base

Granddad worked at Kelly Field

Grandparents moved from Central Homa Oklahoma they move to Quitaque

My dads first car was ????

My dad finished school?????


Summer in Austin Tx with Mum for a month on a Greyhound, since the age of 4 or 5 did it for only two years.



Due to New wife of Fred and his ½ brothers and sister. When he was 1&2 dad lived with GG’pa and GG’ma due to health issues due to weather. Where they lived was warmer.


Dad lived near Air force base called


Step mum was Seria Costa & Fred (research)


G’ma Coma lee father said at one time she worked for a mental hospital.

At night he would work on cars after working at kelly field.


Barbara moved to alpine 50’s – 60’s. Lost touch with her from some time. G’ma moved in with Barbra dad was able to reconnect.


Dad joined Marines when he was 17 before Graduation afterward went in full time.


I was also told about How she tried once to find new love lived with a man for a short time but in the end she loved my Grandfather still. My Grandmother Lee (I love shortening that) had a Brother, sister and two half-sisters, sadly they are all gone.


Dads first car was 1940 Chevy Coupe dad grandfather gave it to him. Dad was unknown age thinks he was just starting high school. States he knew how to drive since he was 10 years old Grandmother took him to take his test passed written and flunked Drivers for the first time. He remembers being upset for failing.

His favorite sport in High school football, High school Friend Lauren West, Howard & Joe, Arthur Welch,



Infantry to start with in the Marines. Orders to Atsubetsu Japan

Second car 1937 Plymouth 4 door





While talking about this part of his life we talked a bit about a protection mission they were on in  59.