Teaching the children

So this few months in the children’s lives without ex-to-be has been hard on us. We have been trying to find ways to pay back God for all of his blessings. The one thing that I have found that the children are like Diamonds. Follow me on this for a second Where are diamonds found? What are they worth? Here is my answers Children are found everywhere but that can only be truly reached by hard hard work. Children are worth every second that you put into them. In the end teaching them thing such as love, kindness and forgiveness will work magic and wonders beyond beliefs.

What I am talking about is the fact that at the start of this year I have made a list of goals. One of those goals to start my year was to find a way to do service ever day. Now have I been able to do so, no. My goal was harder than I though it would have been. But I have found out that sometimes things happen in the most amazing ways. I set out what I wanted to do to the universe, god, or however heard me. Shortly afterwards a friend and his wife were looking for someone to help with a bread run on Friday nights. We once a fortnight I get a load of bread dropped off for me to had out to others who might be doing life a little hard. Sometimes it is very hard to do as I am stepping outside our comfort zone. But we have been doing it for close to 2 months now and wow have I seen some amazing children who show compassion beyond anything I could have every hoped for. I tell it you is such a sight to behold when my children say lets try that house.

This last week I was really hit in the gut when a family report said I was a bad parent. I was just so shocked after all we do as a family this (beeping) person had to gall to say I am doing a bad job. Please the evidence says more that this stupid person ever could. I make sure school is attended and I continue what I have been doing for the last five years of keep in touch with my children’s teachers. Yet even though someone has not been doing it at all the last two terms. Yet I am the bad parent, stupid piss ant writer of the report. Now the attorney is going to have to really go on the attack. I was hoping that would not have to happen.

Well tonight I am going to also do some work on the about me side of my blog. I feel that expanding on this part is going to help the book  a lot.

Hezekiah Brian Robins

Well here we have come to the end….. The last of the tribe…..

The one and only Hezekiah Robins!

Lets start this off with an amazing baby photo!

S/W Ver: 9E.03.28R

What a cute little man and that hair. It has not changed that much over the years.

Little bit over the days and months sparks of his future personality started to show. A little huggy boy he would become. Parents, Papa, Nana, Teachers none of us were safe. Times would show that his way of telling you that you meant something to him was to hug you no words just simple hugs. Ninja hugs were the best in the world. You knew it was him but by the time you turned around he was gone (behind your back), but Ninja none the less.

FOOD…. cake…… and more cake……Brownies with peanut butter. Chocolate spread with peanut butter sandwiches. Then you got hugged again, dirty face and all.

I’ve got a cool movies with him and that Guitar

2015-07-07 11.59.58

It was at this point that I knew I had to make the choice in our lives. I knew we could no longer keep living the way we were going. I felt so alone and going home with memories that only we four shared in had to change.

Skip a few Months


We took a leap a of faith and left.

Learning that he could be his wonderful happy self we embarked on road trips. New Bikes, no training wheels as he was not a big boy and earned to have one of his own.


To school plays where he was the best Christmas spider EVER! He loved his cool Motor Cycle Teacher (yup Ninja hugs happened). They learned as we all do when you get those you are in like the good books and sometimes nothing needs to be said.


I love this huggie bear like no one would ever know! I promise your nickname is safe with me, ok boo.