The end of another day

Well, I spent the whole day thinking about how I was going to talk about all this. My whole blog is to show everyone that Transpersons are just like the rest of the world. I have always felt a deep disgust for those who look down on others. I steered clear of those that are haters, I have actively taken stands against those who pour their vile hate out for others to see.

I am proud of my children every last one of them. Even though I have split from the last three’s mother we worked very hard when we were a team. I have amazing children who have love for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We have worked hard at spreading smiles and love trying to reverse the hate. There was a time where guns were not allowed and in our simple little home we still hold to those values. We don’t where you come from, we don’t care the color of your skin, we don’t care who you believe in, we don’t care who you marry, we don’t care what lies between your legs and we do care about You.

I thank you for taking the time and reading my blog. I thank you for the time you have spent getting to know us. I hope that by knowing us a little better you feel safe enough to reach out talk write me a question or stop me on the street to ask a question. If you are scared of me you don’t need to be. Yes I know there are days I look like a dogs breakfast. Then there are days that I don’t. But in the end I am here on this wonderful place we all call home.

I live in a place where I think is one of the best ion the whole world and I have seen a lot, Tasmania, Australia. The weather changes every five minutes, people are kind and wonderful with a great sense of humor. Yeah we have a few bad apples, what place doesn’t. Overall I don’t think i could find something better. Sorry Montana, I know I said I would be back someday, I just don’t think i will make that trip again.

Sometimes you have to know when to say when. I am tired of moving ,finding new friends. Cause sometimes you can’t replace the best ones. I was only here in Tassie for a short time when I met a group of mates and was welcomed in to the “fold”. 14 years later I am still friends with 95% of them and even though my outward appearance has change they have stayed “True Blue Mates”. Hell we are back to being nerds once more and having a few laughs and playing role playing games. Nothing is better than sitting with those friends. Wow 14 years is a long time, once I was convinced of moving to another state in Australia. I am so glad that I procrastinated, I knew it was not right for us. Time with these friends has shown me that.

Hey on a second note have you ever had a flat forehead? Yup you know that one where you palm your forehead so hard it is flat now. Well that is me a few times these last seven months now it is starting to look normal.

P.S. I once told someone “that’s is between you and god” Just remember that sometime you will need to face that comment yourself better be able to return it to another when they gave it to you.

Be kind to another person today give it a go what do you have to lose.


Tonight I was having “talkie time” with my kids who I have been doing with them for as long as I can remember. We have time to talk about anything they want. We have opened a line of communication that I never want to see close. Yes I am a Transwoman we talked and talked it over open and honest. Tonight I got into trouble for not wearing a bra by my little girl (8) told that I must wear one at all times. Oh how I love her!

I have been having a talk with my son (9) who has been very concerned about who is telling the truth. This worries me why is he asking this? So we had a talk about “why”. So we talked about how to find the truth when we are not sure as to what is the truth. We talked about actions are louder than words. Say what you mean, mean what you say. One cannot say “I am the best” when their actions speak otherwise. We looked at how people act and by those actions they shall be known. We talked about how to keep ourselves safe we talked about making choices that might confuse other. We talked about standing up for what is right even when we might lose. Being right does not always mean we will win. I am always amazed at my son he loves so much and wants to be loved. We have a bit of a talk about how we as a family have been doing over the last six months. We talked about what can be improved on. He is such a deep thinker. I can’t wait to see what he will become in the future!

I talked to my youngest son (5). Wow so much a beautiful soul. I think I have learned much more from him than he has learned from me. I don’t even know how to write about it all.

I guess my point is the following that if you want to know your children and you want to be a part of your children. TUCK them in at night, spend 5 minutes talking to them. Show up at their school, be a pain in your children teachers side making sure your are help them teach your child. Do homework with them. These are the moments that I have been doing for a very long long time. I have a bond with them that I fear nothing will harm. We are open and I know that if they need to talk to me they can.

Yeah, we as parents make errors but we are lucky if we change in time errors can be repaired.

I hope your Christmas was as good as mine filled with love of friends and family.

P.S. if you can see the movie “The Danish Girl”